Monday, August 3, 7pm

$5 advance/$7 day of show

from NYC

Band Droidz

(feat: Marq (Qmax420) formerly of the Slackers)

The Waves

The Anti-Bodies

The Morning After Pills

Magic Honey

Sunday, July 26, 8pm, $5 suggested donation
Buffalo Infringement Festival: Sunday Shenanigans  

Milk and the Holywaters 
Bul-bul Tarang Gang

Monday, July 27, 8pm, $5 suggested donation
Buffalo Infringement Festival: Rebecca Ryskalczyk Ryturns
Space Cubs
Rebecca Ryskalczyk

Tuesday, July 28, 8pm, $5 suggested donation
Buffalo Infringement Festival:

Wizards & Witches Costume Party
Dollar Diplomacy
Physical Psychics

A bewitching evening with 2 of WNY's finest new acts. Dress to hex​

Wednesday, July 29, 8pm, $5 suggested donation
Buffalo Infringement Festival: Mid-Week Rock at the ‘Hawk
Nine Layers Deep
Stunde Null
Nylon Otters

Thursday, July 30, 8pm, $5 suggested donation
Buffalo Infringement Festival: Post Canalside Indie Show
West Side Bike Ride
Peter Kirsch

Friday, July 31, 5pm, FREE!
Happy Hour: Buffalo Infringement Festival

Sam Marabella and His Band 

Friday, July 31, 8pm, $5 suggested donation
Buffalo Infringement Festival: Mohawk Masquerade Ball
Look, A Fang
Manawi Thorn
Strange Standard 

Saturday, August 1, 8pm, $5 suggested donation
Buffalo Infringement Festival: Punk Rock Saturday Night
Ball Cheeze Psychotics
Johnny Revolting
Look, A Fang

Sunday, August 2, 2pm, $5 suggested donation
Buffalo Infringement Festival: Mohawk Comedy Sampler
​Man Cave Theater Presents Dum and Dummer LIVE
Three Polish Mimes
WNY Comedy Improv
graffiti reading

To close the festival, we'd like to leave you smiling! 4 excellent comedy acts.  
At 2pm on the last Sunday of Infringement, we present first, graffiti reading, where Susan Peters presents a staged reading of the ponderings and yearnings of the awesome women who frequent 
Nietzche's. To keep with the tradition of Infringement, we are putting this show at the Mohawk Place instead of Nietzsche's. Susan Peters is a veteran of the Buffalo scene, and this performance will not disappoint.  
Following are comedy gladiators, WNY Comedy Improv, a troupe of performers and actors here to provide a taste of short form improv that guarantees you'll never see the same show twice. Watch the 
actors at work as they take audience suggestions and turn them into a comedy frenzy!  
Who better to follow up all the madness of WNY Comedy than Three Polish Mimes! Veteran Mimes escaping from duty from various wars throughout time converge for a afternoon of Polish clockwork, giggle stimulation and mustaches. The will be silence, there will be make up, there will be three Polish mimes.  
Finally, we are delighted to present a short part-improv play presented by Man Cave Theater: Dum and Dummer LIVE! It's the story of 2 men in a man cave. When they start talking about women and musicals, before they know it, a classic film scene begins to unfold, completely improv'd!

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7.27      Buffalo Infringement Festival 
7.28      Buffalo Infringement Festival
7.29      Buffalo Infringement Festival 
7.30      Buffalo Infringement Festival 
7.31      Buffalo Infringement Festival 
8.1        Buffalo Infringement Festival 
8.2        Buffalo Infringement Festival 
8.3        Band Droidz (feat: Marq (Qmax420) formerly of the Slackers), The Waves, The Morning After Pills, Magic Honey 
8.5        Kill the Clock Release Show, Wild Card, Holkampany, Landslide, For the Record, Your Enemies 
8.6        Beams, Pine Fever, The Observers 
8.7        Happy Hour: Tough Old Bird * 
8.7        The Abruptors, The Anti Bodies, Seven Thirty Seven, The Same Sun, Radical Operations  
8.8        Crooked Gener8ion, Avidd The Band, Wacko Fest, Improbable Cause, In Glory Daze
8.9        So Last Year, Forever The Athlete, Ten and Two, The Gentleman's Quarrel, 3 Hour Power Shower, Felicia Volkmar 
8.10      Stolas, Artifex Pereo, Eidola, Glass Hearts, Eavesdrop, Gretta Moire, My Girl Chernobyl 
8.11      Palberta, Big Neck Police, Wax Mice, Dildon't 
8.12      Destroyer of Light, Godhunter, Bastard Lord 
8.14      Happy Hour: Jony James *
8.14      Rhubarb, Second Trip 
8.15      Pale Green Stars, The Barry Brothers, The Heavenly Chillbillies 
8.19      The Stolen, Darling Harbor, The Last Sentry, Urban Reverie, Green Tape, Lynz Munich 
8.20      Inlite (Farewell Show), The Sleepy Hahas, The Naturalists 
8.21      7 Seconds, Bishop's Green, Success 
8.22      Rumble in the Belt: The Surfin Cadavers, Industry of Life Divine, Johnny Revolting, The Blue Ribbon Bastards, Cheetah Whores, plus custom car show, tattoo artists, burlesque and more 
8.26      Post Season, Such A Mess, Pappy Stardust, Autoverse, Pockets, No Strings Attached, Peregrine 
8.27      City Under Siege, Bristol To Memory, Avidd The Band, Panic Switch, Our Modern Moloch 
8.28      The Larkin Plan, Floozie *
8.29      A House Safe for Tigers Release Show 
9.3        Haint Blue, Pine Fever, The Observers 
9.15      Mikal Cronin, Calvin Love 
9.26      Bully  
10.1      Lower Dens 

Tickets are available for Liturgy, Mr. Twin Sister, METZ/Viet Cong, Sonny & the Sunsets, Mikal Cronin, Bully, and Lower Dens through Ticketmaster:

or at the Tralf box office…

Tickets for 7 Seconds available through Ticketfly:

Tuesday, August 4, 8pm $5

from NYC




Common Purpose

Jack Topht

Vintage New York Hip Hop sound redefined through the words and minds of those who grew up in the heart of New York City, and influenced heavily by the expression of the Golden era of Rap Music. Knocking beats and versitile flows delivered astutely, DXA embodies the gritty and fun of being the core 
of the apple.

Wednesday, August 5, 5pm

$7 advance/$10 day of show

Kill the Clock Release Show

Wild Card



For the Record

Your Enemies