6.27      Her Crooked Heart (Rachel Ries w/ Shane Leonard), J.E. Sunde, Passing Time **

6.28      Greyhaven, DUDES, Ish Kabbible

6.29      Black Pussy, SMUG

6.30      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

6.30      Sara Elizabeth, Grace Stumberg, Tina Williams, Megan Brown

7.1        BrownieBabyy, Nova Red, Da Villy Kids, Grenzy, Xantana Official, Rosé, Jim Burke

7.3        Thirty Silver, Dead Harrison, Solidbreath  

7.5        Angry Planet, The Hovelists *

7.6        The Shift *

7.7        Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour *

7.7        Green Jello, Super Killer Robots, Lazy Ass Destroyer, Diceros, Inherent Vice,

Green Schwinn **

7.8        Signs (Of A Slumbering Beast) debut show, Inertia, A Farewell Story, Garrett Shea

7.8        Late Show: Radiation

7.9        Ben Vaughn, Stationwagon, Mark Norris **

7.10      Cavern,  Horseburner, Sertraline, Dudes

7.12      Pope Paul and the Illegals *

7.13      TJ Zindle, Marquee Grand, Black Jacket, Crave On

7.14      Happy Hour: Stress Dolls *

7.14      Orations, Future States

7.15      On The Cinder, The Abruptors, The Same Sun, Johnny Revolting, The Mad Madmartigans

7.16      Breckenwood, The Lime Line, Dollar Diplomacy, Crucial Taunt

7.17      Snail Mail, Cayetana

7.18      CANCELLED: Lemon Sky

7.19      Beams

7.20      Jon Rizzo and the Conference of Strange, El Silver Cabs, Nylon Otters, Ian McCuen *

7.21      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour *

7.21      Hemi Devils, Dredneks, Joe Nameless

7.22      Buffalo Metal Fest

7.23      A Salty Salute – A Musical Tribute to Tyler Harrington *

7.25      Detroit Rebellion, Nylon Otters

7.26      D.R.I., Rebel Scum, Rotten UK, Pissing Match

7.27      Count Vaseline

7.28      Buffalo Infringement Festival

7.29      Buffalo Infringement Festival

7.30      Buffalo Infringement Festival

8.3        Buffalo Infringement Festival

8.4        Buffalo Infringement Festival

8.5        Buffalo Infringement Festival

8.6        Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires

8.7        Problem With Dragons *

8.9        MOVED to another Sugar City: Sunrot

8.10      SLUGS *

8.11      Monroe’s Rockabilly, Garage, Burlesque & Fashion: The Bloody Hollies, Lower Town Trio

8.12      Mockba, Bold Folly, Wax Mice, North By North

8.14      Joey Sprinkles

8.15      Saints & Sinners

8.16      Emily Davis and the Murder Police

8.17      Reed Turchi, Jamison Passuite

8.23      Olivia Frances, Oshwa, Jess Chizuk **

8.26      Shattered Glass, The Rangeclips, Conference of the Strange *

8.29      God Module, Mordacious, Midnight Myth (Scott. D of Die Sektor), Visions in Black

9.1        Turbojugend Buffalo Analversary Labor Day Bash, Day One: The Cheats, Girl, Jaws,

Pure Heel, Turbosexual

9.2        Turbojugend Buffalo Analversary Labor Day Bas, Day Two: Hot Blood, The Battery

 Electric, Wasted Potential, Dirty, Governess

9.3        ATTALLA *

9.5        Sheer Mag

9.6        The Convalescence

9.7        Schwervon!, Jack Topht, Pat Kewley *

9.15      80s Dance Party

9.23      The Sexray Soiree

9.27      Blindspot, Mom Said No, Johnny & the Man Kids *

9.28      Kosha Dillz





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