4.5        Buck Biloxi and the Fucks/Heavy Lids *
4.7        Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams/Jack Topht/Max Weiss  
4.8        CANCELLED: Graph Rabbit/Tiny Rhymes  
4.9        Wilder Maker/Hussalonia               
4.10      Happy Hour: Jony James 
4.10      Sworn In/The Plot in You/I Declare War/Gift Giver 
4.11      Afternoon Show: Poetry Reading: Sueyeun Juliette Lee/Michael Flatt 
4.11      Rock A Mile - Crisis Services Benefit: Johnny Nobody/The Returners/Hot Tip/Ronald Raygun/Space is Haunted  
4.14      Daniel Knox/Angela James *
4.15      Lightning Bolt/METZ 
4.16      Dave Constantino w/ special guest Jony James 
4.17      Happy Hour: The Skiffle Minstrels 
4.17      The Tins 
4.18      Bearhunter/Sleepy Hahas/Naturalists/Handsome Jack 
4.19      Cantenac Dagar (France) 
4.20      Lizzy Diane/Jay Grays/AJ Binash 
4.22      Landlady 
4.23      Stumblebum Brass Band *
4.24      Happy Hour: Timbre Land Whiskey Band 
4.24      Folkfaces/Pine Fever/The Fredtown Stompers/12/8 Path Band/Stripteasers Burlesque  
4.25      Spectacular Average Boys/Tapered Creek/Rear View Ramblers  
4.28      Roddy Radiation (of The Specials)/The Scotch Bonnets/Ronald Raygun/DJ Ruben's Doc Marten SoundSystem 
4.30      The Bones of JR Jones/Patrick Stephen Johnson/

Levi Van Cleve 
5.1        Happy Hour: Sara Elizabeth 
5.1        Invisible Choir/Bobo/Alison Pipitone 
5.2        1916/Big Classic 
5.4        Life on the Sideline/Pockets/Erica Wolfling/Hexamatastrophe/Outlive/Crucial Taunt 
5.8        Happy Hour: Jony James 
5.9        Pants and the Family/2 Rabbit 
5.11      Dead Flowers/Old Best Friend *
5.16      Early Show: Melt Banana *
5.16      Sic Sin *
5.19      Holy Sheboygan/Mulberry Soul/Folkfaces 
5.22      Roy de Roy *
5.29      Lost Like Lions 
5.30      Monkey Wrench/Scary Chicken/7-10 Splits 
6.6        Armcannon/Kill The Clock/You Bred Raptors?/Aligns/Village Psychic 
6.12      Beauty Pill/Returners/Lips 
6.17      Voodoo Glow Skulls/Slow Children/Seven Thirty Seven 
7.3        Difficult Night/Facility Men/Space Is Haunted/Peter Kirsch 

Tickets are available for Torche and Diarrhea Planet through Ticketmaster:

or at the Tralf box office…
Tickets for The Queers available here: 
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Friday, March 27, 8pm, $5 **
As Summer Dies



In Real Life

(Rec Room and The Illiterati are not playing)
Facebook event here:

Thursday, March 26, 8pm

$5 - $8 suggested donation ** 
Fundraiser for The Public Picnic 

Lara Buckley

Sonny Baker

Alex Berkley Music Co.

The Evil Things

Emcee Pat Kewley

The Public Picnic is an event that Silo Sessions and The Public are putting together for the summer months in our fair city. The idea stems from pot lucks that used to occur at the community garden on 10th street some years ago. People would gather talk about a variety of topics, make new friendships and start new projects. So The Public and Silo Sessions are bringing these types of interactions back this summer down at Silo City. Please join us to get the ball rolling and share ideas about what you would like to see this new series include. 
Details here:

Friday, March 27, 5pm, Free!

Happy Hour: Timbre Land Whiskey Band

Friday, March 27, 8pm, $5 **
As Summer Dies



In Real Life

(Rec Room and The Illiterati are not playing)
Facebook event here:

Saturday, March 28, 6pm

$5 advance/$7 day of show

Monday, March 30, 8pm

$10 advance/$12 day of show

Diarrhea Planet 

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet." - Romeo and Juliet

If Shakespeare was alive to get the lead out, he would've listened to Diarrhea Planet, Nashville's favorite six-piece rock and roll band. Outfitted with a drummer and bassist that barrel forth with the power of a thousand locomotives and a four guitar arsenal able to unleash a meticulous torrent of expertly crafted hooks, riffs and solos, DP take everything you knew you loved about rock, punk and pop, jack it up way past 11, and leave you catching your breath and massaging the kink in your neck from all that head 
banging. Over the past few years, Diarrhea Planet have packed basements, bars and clubs with enough power to cause a blackout at the Super Bowl, honing their chops and fine-tuning the 13 indelible cuts that make up their second LP I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. The band turned in a memorable set at 
the ‘Hawk back in October.

Formed back in 2009 by frontman Jordan Smith, friend Evan P. Donohue, and drummer Casey Weissbuch, Diarrhea Planet was the trio's answer to the often stuffy, self-serious environment of 
Belmont University, where they were students. Soon after, the band tapped bassist Mike Boyle and third guitarist Brent Toler, and set about recording their debut EP Aloha — a boisterous, bombastic effort with enough massive hooks and chants to betray the fact it was recorded in a bedroom — which was self-
released in 2009 and racked up over 10,000 downloads. When Donohue left the band in 2010 to focus on his own music, they added friends and sure-fire shredders Evan Bird and Emmett Miller, whose 12 additional strings allowed Diarrhea Planet to start striving for the kind of joyous, stadium-sized tunes that's the stuff of pure rock and roll dreams.

On their 2011 debut Loose Jewels (Infinity Cat), The Planet showcased not just their knack for hooks, but also a unique approach to songwriting: In a nod to the grindcore acts he grew up listening to, Smith did away with the traditional, rigid verse-chorus-verse structure in favor of more piecemeal arrangements that 
move assuredly and effortlessly from one part to the next. Fleshed out by undeniable pop sensibilities, Loose Jewels was a 100-meter sprint of pure joy peppered with shred offs, fret-taps and a 
whole lot of whooping and hollering. On the road, the band showed what they were truly made of, unleashing power stance tableaus, on-stage theatrics and six-string tricks, while still hitting every 
necessary note with pristine precision. In the years since, they've shared stages and tours with Jeff the Brotherhood, Fucked Up, The Men, Wavves, Screaming Females and Titus Andronicus, who even shouted out The Planet on their last LP Local Business. 

Back in December 2012, DP headed to Marcata Recordings, the barn-turned-studio in Upstate New York owned and operated by Kevin S. McMahon, a famed indie producer behind records by Titus Andronicus, Swans, The Walkmen, Real Estate and plenty more. The band wanted to go as big as possible, and set about cutting an album that delivered just that — I'm Rich traipses giddily across the rock and roll spectrum thanks to the band's ever-expanding understanding of how to utilize its four guitarists to 
maximum, orchestral effect. It's glorious, unabashedly fun, and bolstered by a musical and emotional maturity that reveals itself in the increasing complexity of the arrangements, musicianship, and lyrics.

At SXSW, Diarrhea Planet set about solidifying a new wave of converts: Despite a busy schedule that saw them doing double duty on a few days — while also competing with the fest's deafening echo chamber and hyper-branded "secret" events — DP dominated every venue they played, and soon found their name on everyone's lips. How could it not be after such heroics like Miller and Bird scaling a rickety scaffolding at Cheer Up Charlie's for the final shred-off of fan favorite (and first DP song ever written) "Ghost With A Boner"? But while the over-the-top theatrics and goofiness provided good fodder, the music itself was just as impossible to ignore, even when their sets were packed with new songs unfamiliar to many audience members. With the release of I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams and a 
never-ending tour, Diarrhea Planet are ready to conquer hearts, demolish ear drums, and remind you that while rock and roll's never needed saving, it's damn good to have a band that makes it as wholly life-affirming and flat out fun as it's supposed to be.

“I was lucky: I was spared the knowledge of Diarrhea Planet's name when I discovered them. Walking into a low-ceilinged club in Austin at this year's South by Southwest, I was assaulted by the sight of six twenty-something guys, all shirtless, seemingly none of them over 5"4, essentially scaling the walls. There were guitars played behind backs, over heads, with teeth. I'm pretty sure three guitar solos were happening at once. The people in the audience looked happier than anyone I'd ever seen. It was only when I tapped someone on the shoulder to find out what this band, this epochal experience, called itself, that I learned the awful truth. It didn't help that the exhilarating song they were blasting out, the fan-favorite encore, was called "Ghost With a Boner".
My experience is a luxury you have been denied, which is unfair and I am sorry. You are, naturally, wisely skeptical. But "skepticism" and "Diarrhea Planet" cannot meaningfully coexist. They are matter and antimatter, Superman and Kryptonite. Their new album, I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, is fun and 
ingratiating, and you can hear some of their joyfully fist-pumping spirit coursing through it. But by itself, it doesn't make the case for why you should take a band with this name to your bosom. Aggressive ridiculousness is a wonderful tool for inducing joy, but it's tricky and risky getting the dosage correct, and the main problem with a Diarrhea Planet full-length, amazingly, is that it's somehow not quite ridiculous enough.” – Pitchfork

“Let's get this outta the way: There are crappy band names, and then there's Diarrhea Planet, which doesn't even qualify as the most scatalogically jarring moniker in the rock underground. (No, that'd be excellent Aussie noise-punk outfit Bits of Shit; think about that one the next time you're trapped in a festival Porta Potty.) It's a goofy stunt that screams "third-gen pop-punk circa '97" even louder than DP's actual songs, which bounce with the manic verve of grown-up Blink-182 fans who just discovered an older cousin's arena-rock and hair-metal albums, and are trying to parse the overblown fun therein while filtering out all the cheesiness (but retaining all the shirtlessness).

It's easy to picture the Nashville sextet mulling over their triple-guitar format (see also Lynyrd Skynyrd, Drive-By Truckers) when a light bulb explodes over their collective heads as they yell, in unison, "What if we had four?!?!" It's a total "This one goes to 11!" move, and as practiced on their second album, I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, it means two or three of the guitarists take the riff while the remaining axemen solo or arpeggiate or generally play the harder part.

But these doofs also know from songcraft, and when you combine their overblown fun-at-all-costs vibe with hardworking harmonies 'n' hooks, it nicely slots in Diarrhea Planet with fellow Tennessee rockers (and labelmates) Jeff the Brotherhood and the distinctly more baked Natural Child. A package tour heavy on weed-hazy basements, couches nobody would want to sit on, and (naturally) overflowing toilets would be perfect.” - Spin

“Onstage, the members of this execrably named Nashville outfit come off like college sketch-troupe goofs who just downed some 40s, broke into a Guitar Center and decided to celebrate by holding the loudest, messiest shred-off known to man. But Rich proves there are chops beneath the slop: "Lite Dream" starts as a dank sweat-along anthem before turning into a gloriously riffing Thin Lizzy homage, while "Kids" proves the U.S. can still produce the kind of finger-tapped fist-pumpers it used to export in the Eighties. Rich may not capture the hectic charms of DP's limbs-akimbo live shows, but it does establish the band's place in the muck-rock cosmos.” – Rolling Stone

"They captured the gargantuan quadruple-guitar assault and the life-affirming, rock ’n’ roll toga party 
atmosphere of their must-see live show." – Nashville Scene
"Nashville's Diarrhea Planet have the greatest live show on Earth." - Pitchfork

Wednesday, April 1, 7pm doors/8pm show

$15 advance/$20 at the door

from Atlanta  ​The Queers

Richie Ramone 

from Oakland, CA

The Atom Age 

Newish Star 

Thursday, April 2, 8pm, $5 
Tapered Creek 
Sonny Baker 
Andy Pothier

Help Falls' folk-rockers Tapered Creek get some gas money for a short upcoming tour...

Friday, April 3, 5pm, Free! **      
Happy Hour:  Sharon Bailey & The Bluesmen

Saturday, April 4, 8pm, $5 ** 

David Kane's MANdate a go go

The BiPolaroids

Lifemusik Mit Andre 

from Burlington, VT

Harvey Bigman