2.12      Happy Hour: Jony James
2.12      BastardBastardBastard, One Way Terror, Murder City Outlaws, D.W.I. 
2.13      Lost Elysium, Rise From Autumn, Twin Lions  
2.14      Oh, Sleeper, Rival Choir, Into The Harbor, Appartus, Blinded, Daybreaker 
2.15      Sicada, Eye Of The Destroyer, Gomorrah, Retribution 
2.16      Darkbuster, Wolf Tickets, Black X 
2.17      Bodysnatcher, Second Death, Dishonored, Habits, Lucid Serenity, Vertigo Freeway 
2.19      Happy Hour: River Dogs 
2.19      WBNY 33 1/3 Anniversary Show: Dream Spectrum, The Sleepy Hahas, Soul Butchers 
2.20      Pig Rectum, Cavern, Cain, Desekrator 
2.21      American Aquarium, Uncle Ben’s Remedy
2.23      Bootlap, Nine Layers Deep, Malarchuk
2.26      El Ten Eleven 
2.27      Cold Wave at the Cat Cave 
2.28      Heavy Neckers, Second Trip 
3.1        NPR's Tiny Desk Contest Concert: Wolf, Parade Chic, Andrew Kothen, The Observers, Small Smalls, Tom Stahl, Zak Ward
3.3        The Famines, Space is Haunted, Radiation Risks
3.4        Happy Hour: Tina Marie Williams
3.4        Kopps, Humble Braggers, Lesionread, Pinesheets
3.5        Kickstart Rumble, The Freshwater Four, Surfin’ Cadavers, Daygoes Love
3.6        Bobby Meader Music, Lower Town Trio, Irregardless, Sleepy Hahas, Curiosity's End 
3.7        Conan, Serial Hawk, Bastard Lord 
3.10      Governess, GOA, Stop Scorpio (Peg Leg Love is no longer on the bill…)
3.11      Happy Hour: Jony James Band 
3.11      BoBo, Roger Bryan and the Orphans, Minions 
3.12      The Industry of Life Divine, Soul Reactor 
3.13      Angels
3.17      The Feast, Pointless Pursuit, Shattered Glass, Brooke & The Boys, The Devil In Love, Target The Viper 
3.18      Rotten (UK) release show 
3.19      Soul Butchers, Hat Madder, MeNyou, Slow Mutants 
3.24      Yali (EP release), Sonny Baker, Jacob Peter Band (Humble Braggers are no longer playing) 
3.25      Buffalo Infringement Festival Fundraiser 
3.26      The Tosspots, Supper Killer Robots, The Barksdales, Radical Operations 
3.30      Voodoo Glow Skulls, Seven Thirty Seven, The Same Sun, On the Cinder 
4.1        Naturalists, Nicholas Brooks, The Soft Love 
4.2        Acid Mothers Temple
4.3        Sheer Mag, Laffing Gas 
4.7        David Perry
4.8        Thirty Silver, Twin Speak, Nine Layers Deep 
4.10      MDC, Deathwish, The Clockers, Scuzz, One Way Terror 
4.15      Beams, Pine Fever 
4.19      Lost Dog 
4.27      LIAR 
5.2        Dr. Boogie, Governess 
5.3        My Empty Phantom, Scott Valkwitch, Nicky and The Vibrations 
5.13      The Barksdales, Old Ghosts 
5.14      Governess, The Cheats 
6.2        David Liebe Hart 

Tickets for Oh, Sleeper, Bodysnatcher, American Aquarium, Conan, Voodoo Glow Skulls, MDC, American Head Charge, and David Liebe Hart available through Ticketfly: 

Tickets are available for El Ten Eleven and Sheer Mag through Ticketmaster: or at the Tralf box office

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Saturday, February 13, 8pm, $5

Lost Elysium


Twin Lions

This will be live video shoot for Lost Elysium’s upcoming DVD Release

Friday, February 12, 5pm, FREE!

Happy Hour: The Jony James Band

Doors at 5:00, blues starts at 6:00. $2 PBRs, 2 bucks off all pints…

Friday, February 19, 5pm, FREE!

Happy Hour: River Dogs

Doors at 5:00, blues starts at 6:00. $2 PBRs, 2 bucks off all pints

Friday, February 19, 8pm, $5

WBNY 33 1/3 Anniversary Show:

Dream Spectrum

The Sleepy Hahas

Soul Butchers

Intergalactic Burnt Toast

plus WBNY alumni DJs

Link to the Facebook event:

Sunday, February 14, 6pm

$13 advance/$15 day of show

From Ft. Worth, Texas

Oh, Sleeper

From Denton, Texas

Rival Choir

From Rochester

Into The Harbor

From Rochester




Monday, February 15, 8pm, $6

The Personification of Death Tour:
From NYC


From New Jersey

Eye Of The Destroyer

From Ohio


Local support:


Sicada is a metal band from Staten Island, New York, formed in December of 2014.