8.15 None the Wiser, Pappy Stardust
8.16 The Mystery Lights, The Good, The Pepperoni Boys
8.17 Rum Rebellion, Seven Thirty Seven **
8.18 Passed Out, Sonny Baker, Total Yuppies, Glove, Throat Culture
8.19 Difficult Night, Chevron Bloom, Pat Kewley, Coral Collapse
8.20 Sleepy Hahas Final Show, Deadwolf, Space Cubs, Bearhunter
8.22 The Slackers, The Abruptors, The Same Sun, DJ sets by Ruben
8.24 Tear Out The Heart, It Lies Within, As Summer Dies, Diceros, Life Barrier,
My Girl Chernobyl
8.25 Second Trip, Trigger
8.26 Dee Calhoun, Rusty Lord
8.27 Intent to Sell, Urban Reverie, Lost Love
8.28 Big Eyes, Lung
8.29 The Ataris, The Barksdales, Younger Then
9.2 Poindexter, Johnny Revolting
9.3 Last Reign release show, Orius, Age of Shadows, Weaponex, Sertraline
9.4 On The Cinder, Voice of Addiction, Orenthal, Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus, Reggie Childs **
9.5 Firestarter, Andrew Hambridge Band, The Good Neighbors, Mindy Davey, Nuke Fun
9.7 Bethlehem Steel, Painted Zeroes, Slow Cooker, Pleistocene **
9.9 Tim Easton
9.10 Early Show: Woody, One Way to Nowhere
9.10 Late Show: Enthauptung, Pig Rectum, Ferus Din, Blizaro
9.12 Mystic Braves, The Dream Ride
9.13 Svetlanas, OC45 *
9.15 Vox Vocis
9.16 Early Show: Anonymous Willpower, Surrender Reality
9.16 Late Show: “As If” (‘90s DJ dance party)
9.17 I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help, Kriadiaz (ex-Mushroomhead),
Circus Grenade, Low Road Revival
9.20 Kepa
9.21 Destroyer of Light, Malarchuk, Bastard Lord
9.23 Short Moscato
9.24 Quilt, Mutual Benefit
9.26 Bueno
9.29 Legion, Huns, One Way Terror, Orius
9.30 Johnny Nobody
10.1 Governess, The Painted Dogs, Utah Jazz, The Crooked Cobras
10.4 Assemblage 23, Standard Issue Citizen, Optic Oppression, Soul Reactor
10.11 Slouch *
10.13 Hexwork Burlesque Revue *
11.4 Shonen Knife *