1.29      Ponzo Houdini, Don Scuzz, King Jester 716, Rizzo & Jaycee, GKG-BOY 

2.3        Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

2.3        White Shade, Strange Standard, Stock Car Boys, Kids in the Basement

2.3        The Friday Night Heavy: Nethergrave, Prepare For The Mindscan 

2.4        Virus X, Johnny and the Man Kids (formerly known as The Pepperoni Boys), Copper Crown,  The Spin Wires

2.10      Happy Hour: Stress Dolls (solo)

2.10      Lemuria, Cayetana, Mikey Erg

2.10      Late Show: Love & Lust Kinky Valentine (burlesque & fetish night)

2.11      Tines, Second Trip, Settlement, Saints & Winos 

2.16      Vanity Strikes, A Scent Like Wolves, Forgetting Fame, Ritual Walk, Restless Nights, 

Of Night and Light 

2.17      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

2.17      The Rifts, Magic Honey, Marquee Grand, Machine Gun English

2.17      The Friday Night Heavy: Retribution 

2.18      Short Moscato EP Release Party 

2.19      Buffalo’s Hip Hop Fest 2017: No Ceilings Entertainment, LumberJackMatt, Shanta Fanta, Da Villy Kids, Conscious, Mark Lee, Skillievanille, The Md. 

2.24      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

2.25      Adam Bronstein’s Freehand Band

3.3        Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

3.4        Handsome Jack 

3.6        Carousel Kings, Abandoned By Bears, Bad Case of Big Mouth, Ovtlier, Into the Wake, This, In Real Life 

3.7        Gosh 

3.8        Throwaway 

3.9        Heavy Temple, Pilgrim 

3.10      Happy Hour: Sara Elizabeth 

3.10      Cold Wave at the Cat Cave

3.11      Tugboat, Stone Priest, The Cotard Delusion 

3.12      AngelMaker, Falsifier, Extortionist, Filth, Sleepers, L O W L I F E 

3.17      MCKP, Frigid Giant, Koolie High, Chronic Collective 

3.23      Funeral Nation, Cain, Hubris 

3.24      Buffalo Infringement Festival Fundraiser 

3.25      Bold Folly, Dreambeaches, Mr. Boneless 

3.27      Embracer, Petal Books, Passed Out, Grace of Faults, Echota, The Black Hats, Squatch 

3.31      The Metal Webzine’s 2nd Birthday Bash!