2.9        Happy Hour: Disco Hospital *

2.9        The Rifts, Dreambeaches, Witty Tarbox, Nothing Casual 

2.10      Early Show: Harkness Monster Winter Showcase: Muddle, ACTI and more TBA *

2.10      Chevron Bloom, Orations, Velvet Bethany, Shane Meyer 

2.11      Big Something

2.13      Mardi Gras Party: Pine Fever, Buffalo Brass Machine, Deadwolf **

2.16      Into The Wake, Previous Love, Trench, Post Prom, The Sans

2.17      F*** Valentines Fetish Bash! 

2.20      Candy Ambulance, Passed Out, Nylon Otters

2.21      HundredMillionThousand, Basha, Fe’netiks 

2.22      Thanya Iyer 

2.23      King Buffalo, Handsome Jack, Malarchuk, Nine Layers Deep, Bold Folly 

2.24      Wild Rivers

2.25      I Set My Friends On Fire, Kissing Candice, Awaken I Am, A Story Inspired 

2.28      That 1 Guy

3.1        Jack release show, dreambeaches 

3.2        Cavalcade, Moody Cosmos, Major Arcana

3.3        Oak House, Second Trip

3.4        nothing,nowhere., Shinigami, Lil Lotus, Jay Vee

3.9        Emo Night – Buffalo (Spring 2018 Edition)

3.10      Justin Allen and the Well Shots, Leroy Townes, Tough Old Bird

3.13      Screaming Females, Radiator Hospital 

3.16      Saved By The 90s

3.17      Coward, Hot Blood, Governess 

3.20      Richie Ramone, The Barksdales, Chester Copperpot, The Waves *

3.22      The 3rd Annual “Drummers Only” *

3.23      Infringement Festival Fundraiser 

3.24      Curiosity a Bit Fur-ther: A Night of Wild Desires and Exploration 

3.27      Forever Came Calling, In Her Own Words, Hold Close *

3.30      The Irving Klaws, The Jumpers **

3.31      All-WNY Radio anniversary show: Kennedy Carpool, Breaking Solace, Exham Priory 

4.4        Radio Wonderland 

4.5        The Slackers

4.8        Matthew Danger Lippman

4.11      Basic Printer, dreambeaches, Humble Braggers 

4.12      Cub Sport

4.13      Reed Turchi, Handsome Jack, Black Canyon Lights **

4.14      Rock A Mile benefit 

4.15      My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult *

4.20      Nine Layers Deep, Sons Of Ghidorah, HUNS 

4.21      Lost Elysium, StroElle, Eyes of the Blind, Optic Oppression

4.27      Transmission Dance Party 

4.28      The Barksdales, Governess, The Emersons, Lucky 33, The Living Deads

5.6        Sunflower Bean, Dream Wife *

Tickets for Brassband, Dixieland, Americana and Burlesque 5, Screaming Females, and Sunflower Bean available through Ticketfly: www.ticketfly.com/venue/16459-buffalos-mohawk-place or at the club…

Tickets for Fernway, Michael Novo’s Birthday Bloodbath, I Set My Friends On Fire, Richie Ramone, and Drummers Only available here: www.purplepass.com/index.php#mm=allevents/mohawk%20place

Tickets for these shows are available through Ticketfly, just not through our normal link: Marigold, Out Last, Diet Cig, Big Something, Into the Wake, Wild Rivers, That 1 Guy, nothing, nowhere., Saved by the 90s, Forever Came Calling, The Slackers, Cub Sport, and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.