6.3        Earthworm Von Doom, Exemptus

6.4        Rich People, Tranquility, Local Openers, Previous Love

6.4        Next door at Electric Avenue: Urban Pioneers, Tyler Westcott *

6.5        Sixes, Nine Layers Deep, HUNS, Blackhand

6.6        Good Old War

6.7        Middle Kids

6.8        Emo Night – Buffalo (Rookie Of The Year Edition)

6.9        Scott Helman

6.9        Late Show: Alternative 90s Dance Party 

6.10      The Dickies, The Queers

6.11      Street Dogs, The New Darkbuster, Grade 2

6.13      Have Mercy

6.13      Next door at Electric Avenue: Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires

6.14      Black Pitcher,  Osei Essed, Bill Nehill

6.15      The Toasters, Mustard Plug, The Abruptors, Toy Box Brigade  

6.16      The Rifts, The Good Neighbors, Darling Harbor, Cause For A Hero 

6.17      Lunch Duchess, Tina Panic Noise, City Counselor, Major Arcana 

6.18      Monkeysoop, Armcannon, Crippled Mess

6.20      A Judgmental Swarm of Bees, Sunday Brunch, Worse Things, Milo Duhn 

6.21      Legendary Shack Shakers, Chuck Mead, Kickstart Rumble

6.21      Next door at Electric Avenue: POSTPONED: Pieces release show **

6.22      Super-Tugger release show, Wolf Tickets, Governess, Damage Report

6.23      Hub City Stompers, The Abruptors

6.25      The Monolithic, Witty Tarbox, The Good Neighbors

6.27      Ghostpool, Hand Out, Previous Love, Homeowner, Better Than 

6.26      Belmont, Rarity, Stickup Kid *

6.28      Cavern, Settlement, Tines, Inertia

6.28      Next door at Electric Avenue: Bambara, Alpha Hopper, Be Locust or Alone, Cyber Bullies *

6.30      Early Show: 2nd Annual FOOD NOT BOMBS Punk Show And Vegan Food Drive

6.30      Late Show: As If Dance Party

7.2        Nylon Otters, Dotsun Moon, Polygon Peach 

7.6        Tiger Chung Lee

7.7        Ten Cent Howl

7.10      L.M.I., Healer, BastardBastardBastard, Blackhand

7.11      Goosebump (just changed their name from Germaphobes ) **

7.13      Early Show: Ringworm *

7.13      Late Show: Heart Attack Kids, Good Dude **

7.17      Koffin Kats, The Goddamn Gallows, Viva Le Vox, Dredneks

7.18      Bent Knee

7.18      Next door at Electric Avenue: Zigtebra, Velvet Bethany, Tina Panic Noise, Heave

7.20      The Tombstone Hands, Surfin’ Cadavers, Blue Rocket Trio

7.24      Winski *

7.27      Buffalo Infringement Festival 

7.28      Buffalo Infringement Festival 

7.28      Late Show: Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene DJ set 

7.29      Buffalo Infringement Festival 

7.30      Jeff Rosenstock, Sean Bonnette 

8.2        Buffalo Infringement Festival 

8.3        Buffalo Infringement Festival 

8.4        Buffalo Infringement Festival 

8.5        Witch Mountain, Fox 45, Tines

8.9        Deva Lily, Miles Lavid, Medusa, Tangled Roots 

8.18      Green Jello

8.21      Sarah Shook & the Disarmers *

9.1        Sawyer Fredericks 

9.16      SYML *

Tickets for Marah in the Mainsail, Urban Pioneers, Sixes, Lee Bains III, The Toasters/Mustard Plug, Legendary Shack Shakers, Hub City Stompers, Koffin Kats, Jeff Rosenstock, Witch Mountain, and Sarah Shook available or at the club…

Tickets for Buffalo UnpluggedEmo Night, The Dickies, Ghostpool, and Green Jello available here:

(And tickets for The Dickies and Green Jello are also available at the club…)

Tickets for these shows are available through Ticketfly, just not through our normal link: Squatch, Good Old War, Middle Kids, Scott Hellman, Street Dogs, Have Mercy, Belmont, Ringworm, Bent Knee, Sawyer Fredericks, and SYML.