10.9 The Farewells, Letters To Alexia, Wacko Fest, Danielle and Joe, Kelsey Law,

Improbable Cause, The Setup

10.10 Autopilot, Tina Panic Noise, The Nigh

10.11 Slouch, Associations **

10.12 October Sky, Dirty Pennies, Hovelists

10.13 Hexwork Burlesk Revue

10.14 Happy Hour: Blue Rocket Trio

10.14 Pillars, Family, Retribution (Squatch is no longer on the bill) **

10.15 The Leones, Twin Speak, Award Show, Orations

10.17 Long Live the Goat, Mojo Stone, Second Trip

10.18 Mathis Grey

10.19 My Empty Phantom, The Crew of the Half Moon, Scott Valkwitch (solo, not with

Be Locust or Alone), Dildon’t

10.20 White Fang, No Parents

10.21 Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

10.21 Dexter Romweber, Thirty Silver, Chloroform, meNyou, Dead Lounge

(Nine Layers Deep is no longer on the bill)

10.22 Bound By Fate, As Summer Dies, Storms Within, Wreckage

10.23 Rob Sonic and Onry Ozzborn w/ DJ Zone; Hosted by Frigid Giant & MCKP *

10.24 Garrett Klahn, Del Paxton, The Good

10.26 La Sera, Springtime Carnivore

10.27 King Dead, Fox 45, Nine Layers Deep, HUNS

10.28 Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

10.28 Lazlo Hollyfeld & Friends Play LCD Soundsystem, Girl Jeans

10.29 Halloween Party: Tributes to Melvins, Pixies, KISS and Weezer’s Pinkerton

11.3 Berwanger

11.4 Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour *

11.4 Shonen Knife, Trinkit, Green Slime, Stress Dolls

11.5 Ballzy’s Wedding *

11.9 Gaffer Project, Dudes

11.11 Happy Hour: Vwortboy Gets Happy *

11.11 Governess *

11.12 Early Show: Buffalo X Erie Hip Hop showcase: EMCEE M.D., Chuckie Campbell,

Mad Dukez, Polmar, The Dream Team Comin’ Live, Oliver Spitts, Dan Teed, Matt Breezy

11.12 Late Show: New Order vs. Depeche Mode Transmission Dance Party

11.14 The Good Life, Field Mouse, Jake Bellows

11.18 Rap and Destroy *

11.23 Thanksgiving Eve: Irving Klaws, Orations, Mockba

12.1 DAGON, Euphoria, Crippled Mess, Circus Grenade, Lower Town Trio

12.9 Cold Wave at the Cat Cave