10.12    POSTPONED: Short Moscato release show **

10.13    Happy Hour: Disco Hospital 

10.13    Early Show: Ball Cheeze Psychotics, Tough Old Bird, Invictra **

10.13    Late Show: Radiation

10.14    Early Show: The Amazing All My Children Band 

10.14    Late Show: Grand Mammoth, Malarchuk, Governess **

10.14    Next door at Electric Avenue: Brook Pridemore, Bill Nehill, Austin Kencel *

10.15    Early show: Sect, Acolyte, Old Ghosts, Juggernaught **

10.15    Crunk Witch, David Nolf Trio, PizzaDoughnuts **

10.16    The Womps, Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company 

10.17    PEARS, Big Ups, Russian Girlfriends, On the Cinder (originally scheduled for

The Waiting Room) **

10.17    Next door at Electric Avenue: King Chiefs 

10.19    The Spill Canvas, Chase Huglin (originally scheduled for The Waiting Room) 

10.20    Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

10.20    Smoking Popes, Chris Farren (originally scheduled for The Waiting Room) **

10.21    Matinee show: The Spill Canvas, Chase Huglin (originally scheduled for The Waiting Room) 

10.21    Eyes of the Living, Virus X, Vermin Warfare, Spinwires, Grease Creepers, Enjoy the

 Weather (rescheduled and combined) 

10.23    Kris Lager Band 

10.24    Psychotic Reaction 

10.25    Calliope Musicals *

10.26    Motograter, Skinbound, Diluted, The Impurity, The Taken 

10.27    Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

10.27    Lazlo Hollyfeld & Friends Play Arcade Fire, Different Strokes 

10.28    Halloween Party: tributes to Motorhead, The Sonics, Led Zeppelin, Danzig, and The Cure 

10.30    Uke-Hunt (feat Spike of Me First & The Gimme Gimmes)

11.1      Nine Layers Deep, HUNS tour kickoff, plus Build, Tines  

11.2      Collective Arts/Thin Man Brewery Tap Takeover: Darcys, First Ward, Aircraft, SMUG *

11.3      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour *

11.3      herMajesty, The Tins, Heroic Enthusiasts, Monogold **

11.4      Bold Folly, Malarchuk, Sonny Baker 

11.7      Forceps, Gutted Alive **

11.7      Next door at Electric Avenue: Boss’ Daughter, Loudmouse, No Prevail, Dead Lounge *

11.10    Happy Hour: The Blues Thugs feat. Yvonne Schmidt *

11.10    Bethlehem Steel, Pleistocene, Jack 

11.11    All WNY Radio: Dredneks, Billy Draws 2, Exham Priory, Lost Elysium 

11.13    The Convalescence, Wings Denied, Shaping The Legacy, Death Rattle *

11.14    Timber Timbre (originally scheduled for The Waiting Room) 

11.15    P.O.S, Metasota, Transit 22 

11.18    Depeche Mode vs New Order Dance Party

11.19    Shame

11.24    The Irving Klaws *

12.9      “We Are The Winski” – Ashley’s 27th Birthday Celebration

Tickets for

Howling Giant, Black Pussy, Fleuron Rouge, American Aquarium, Chuck Mosley, The Leones, and Pelican available through Ticketfly: or at the club…

Tickets for Kosha Dillz, Michale Graves, Motograter, The Convalescence, and We Are the Winski available here:

Tickets for these shows previously announced at The Waiting Room are available through Ticketfly, just not through our normal link: That 1 Guy, Frankie Cosmos, PEARS, The Spill Canvas, Smoking Popes, Timber Timbre, and P.O.S.