8.3 Buffalo Infringement Festival: Prince vs. Bowie Dance Party

8.4 Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

8.4 Buffalo Infringement Festival: Mohawk Masquerade Ball: Westworld – Curiosity’s End, Tim Haufe, Major Arcana, Haunted Gypsy, The Good Neighbors, Pam Swarts, Bighorn Sheep, THIS

8.5 Buffalo Infringement Festival: T R A P R A G E – The Truey V TRAPRAGE Collective, Femme Noire, We Stole the Show, Hooked on Casiophonics, Pam Swarts

8.6 Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires

8.7 Problem with Dragons, Sons Of Ghidorah, DUDES

8.8 New Swears, Super-Tugger, The Gennies (Aircraft is no longer on the bill…)

8.9 Ought

8.10 SLUGS, Slow Cooker

8.11 Happy Hour: Disco Hospital with Still Bill

8.11 Monroe’s Rockabilly, Garage, Burlesque & Fashion: The Bloody Hollies, Lower Town Trio

8.12 Mockba, Bold Folly, Wax Mice, North By North

8.13 Music Is Art summer camp show

8.14 Joey Sprinkles, Jack Topht, Grace of Faults, Moody Cosmos

8.15 Saints & Sinners

8.16 Emily Davis and the Murder Police, Stress Dolls, Stegosaurus Badge

8.17 Reed Turchi, Jamison Passuite

8.18 Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

8.18 The Rifts, Johnny Hart & The Mess, Animal Sounds, The Orange Friction

8.19 Lisa Marie & Andy’s Wedding Party: chloroform, Ish Kabbible, Hell’s Harlots; Hosted by Arlowe Price

8.20 The Funeral Portrait, Marina City, Awake At Last, Deep Valleys, Raise The Tides, Margot Kisiel

8.22 Tinderbox Circus Sideshow, Ford Theatre Reunion, Twenty Thousand Strongmen

8.23 Olivia Frances, Oshwa, Jess Chizuk

8.24 Dope Knife, Rap & Destroy, Short Moscato, Program and Mostro, Shuteyes

8.25 Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

8.25 Johnny and the Man Kids, The Sans

8.26 Shattered Glass, The Rangeclips, Conference of the Strange

8.27 Leeway, Brick By Brick, Black X, Wrong The Oppressor, Clear Focus

8.28 Gold Route, Voice of Dissent, No Prevail

8.29 God Module, Mordacious, Midnight Myth (Scott. D of Die Sektor), Visions in Black

9.1 Turbojugend Buffalo Analversary Labor Day Bash, Day One: The Cheats, Girl, Jaws, Pure Heel, Turbosexual

9.2 Early Show: All Decks On Hand: Deck Family Anniversary Show Featuring: Scathed, The Freshwater Four, Theresa Quinn Combo, Tom & Spiggy, Matt Deck

9.2 Turbojugend Buffalo Analversary Labor Day Bas, Day Two: Hot Blood, The Battery Electric, Wasted Potential, Dirty, Governess


9.5 Sheer Mag

9.6 Postponed: The Convalescence

9.7 Schwervon!, Jack Topht, Pat Kewley, Slow Mutants

9.8 Happy Hour: Sara Elizabeth

9.9 As If Dance Party

9.10 Overcoats

9.13 Kim Boekbinder, Music for Ultras

9.15 80s Dance Party

9.16 Cold Wave at the Cat Cave

9.19 Howling Giant

9.23 The Sexray Soiree: The Industry of Life Divine, Man Woman Machine, Hell’s Harlots

9.26 Agnostic Front

9.27 Blindspot, Mom Said No, Johnny & the Man Kids

9.28 Kosha Dillz

9.30 Ten Cent Howl, Leroy Townes

10.10 Pelican, Jaye Jayle, Malarchuk

10.11 Michale Graves (of The Misfits), Exham Priory, Crooked Gener8ion, Stone Priest, Of Night And Light, The Black Hats

10.13 Ball Cheeze Psychotics

10.14 Grand Mammoth, Malarchuk

10.16 The Womps, Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company

10.20 Copper Crown, Virus X, Vermin Warfare, Spinwires

10.21 Eyes of the Living

10.26 Motograter, Skinbound, Diluted, The Impurity, The Taken

10.28 Halloween Party

Tickets for Snail Mail/Cayetana, D.R.I., Lee Bains III, Ought, Sheer Mag, and Overcoats available through Ticketfly: or at the club…

Tickets for Breckenwood, The Funeral Portrait, God Module, Kosha Dillz, Michale Graves, and Motograter available here: