11.2      Collective Arts/Thin Man Brewery Tap Takeover: Darcys, First Ward, Aircraft, SMUG 

11.3      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

11.3      herMajesty, The Tins, Heroic Enthusiasts, Monogold 

11.4      Bold Folly, Malarchuk, Sonny Baker, Space Cubs 

11.5      Dead Country Gentlemen 

11.6      Pacifico

11.7      Forceps, Gutted Alive 

11.7      Next door at Electric Avenue: Boss’ Daughter, Loudmouse, No Prevail, Dead Lounge 

11.8      Essex Muro, DUDES 

11.9      Obnox, Alpha Hopper, Fatal Figures, Saturn V 

11.10    Happy Hour: The Blues Thugs feat. Yvonne Schmidt 

11.10    Bethlehem Steel, Pleistocene, Cold Sweats, Jack 

11.11    All WNY Radio: Dredneks, Billy Draws 2, Exham Priory, Lost Elysium 

11.11    Next door at Electric Avenue: Craft Night 

11.12    Vent, This 

11.13    The Convalescence, Wings Denied, Shaping The Legacy, Death Rattle 

11.14    Timber Timbre (originally scheduled for The Waiting Room)

11.14    Next door at Electric Avenue: Portrayal of Guilt (TX), Druse, Social Divorce, Settlement 

11.15    P.O.S, Metasota, Transit 22 

11.17    Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

11.18    Early Show: Soul Butchers, Facility Men, Be Locust of Alone, HUNS, Slow Cooker 

11.18    Late Show: Depeche Mode vs New Order Dance Party

11.19    Shame

11.22    The Moment, Girlpope, Garafalo Springfield 

11.24    Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

11.24    The Irving Klaws 

11.25    Single Player, Options, Honey Coma 

12.1      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

12.2      Matinee Show: Mephiskapheles 

12.2      Blackfinger, Sons of Ghidorah, Odoruin 

12.4      Armcannon, You Bred Raptors?, The Scarecrow Show, Grub 

12.8      Happy Hour: Ryan Kaminski 

12.8      Cold Wave at the Cat Cave 

12.9      “We Are The Winski” – Ashley’s 27th Birthday Celebration

12.12    Trophy Eyes, Free Throw, Head North 

12.12    Next door at Electric Avenue: AD.UL.T 

12.16    Mohawk Place Xmas Party: The Irving Klaws, Baci e Ceci, Brass Pro and the 

Waterfront Revivalists 

12.20    Funk Worthy, Tiger Chung Lee 

12.22    The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Rolo Tomassi, Cryptodira

12.23    CPXmas 

12.26    The Nightmare After Christmas

Tickets for Calliope Musicals, Uke-Hunt, and Shame available through Ticketfly: or at the club…

Tickets for Michale Graves, Motograter, The Convalescence, Armcannon, and We Are the Winski available here:

Tickets for these shows previously announced at The Waiting Room are available through Ticketfly, just not through our normal link: PEARS, The Spill Canvas, Smoking Popes, Timber Timbre, P.O.S., Trophy Eyes, and The Number Twelve Looks Like You.