12.18    L-Biz

12.21    Rookie Of the Year, City Under Siege, Ovtlier, Carolina Wray, Garrett Shea Band,

One Less Today, Orange Friction, DonnieO, Derek Gregoire

12.22    Got Beats?  Mostro CeeGee Vice Versa;  Hosted by Program

12.23    Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

12.23    CPXmas: CPX, Last Conservative, Agent Me, Rooftops

12.26    The Nightmare After Christmas: Third Realm, The Finality Complex, Digital Afterlife,

            FUTUREANGEL, Jon Rizzo and Conference of the Strange

12.28    Dean Chatham, Billie Esco, Valor Club, Wakefield, K. Rob!

12.29    Erin Sydney Welsh, Dan Borodzik, Sam Sugarman featuring James Evans

12.30    Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

12.30    Fresh Start Tour: Depsun, The Great North, Casper Pressage, Slip Stones, Kyle Tessier,

            Jules, Rebel

12.31    New Year’s Eve Transmission Dance Party

1.6        Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

1.6        Barksdales, The Emersons, Super Tugger, Poindexter

1.7        I Set My Friends On Fire, A Rose Among Ashes, Inertia, Restless Nights, Allegiant716

1.12      The Falling Birds, Crooked Gener8ion, This, Echota *

1.13      Happy Hour: Erin Sydney Welsh

1.13      Poetry Slam for Saving LGBTQ Lives

1.14      Brassband, Dixieland, Americana and Burlesque 4: Folkfaces, 12/8 Path Band,

            The Fredtown Stompers, Ten Cent Howl with the Buffalo Brass Machine,

            The Stripteasers Burlesque **

1.18      Suburban Samurai

1.20      Bill Nehill’s Birthday

1.21      Buffalo Blues Benefit For Veterans: Caitlin Koch, Stress Dolls, Mom Said No, Patti Parks,

            Love Parade **

1.24      AD.UL.T

2.3        White Shade, Strange Standard, Stock Car Boys, Kids in the Basement

2.4        Virus X, Pepperoni Boys, Copper Crown, The Spin Wires

2.10      Lemuria, Cayetana, Mikey Erg  **

2.25      Adam Bronstein’s Freehand Band