11.3      Berwanger

11.4      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

11.4      Shonen Knife, Trinkit, Green Slime, Stress Dolls

11.5      Ballzy’s Wedding

11.7      Broncho

11.8      Rage on Election Night: The Buffalo Rage Ensemble, Rear View Ramblers, DJ Drop D

11.9      Gaffer Project, Dudes

11.10    Infinity Shred, Nullsleep, Uncertain, Futureangel *

11.11    Happy Hour: Vwortboy Gets Happy

11.11    Governess, Dirty, Hot Blood

11.12    Early Show: Buffalo X Erie Hip Hop showcase:  EMCEE M.D., Chuckie Campbell,

Mad Dukez, Polmar, The Dream Team Comin’ Live, Oliver Spitts, Dan Teed, Matt Breezy

11.12    Late Show: New Order vs. Depeche Mode Transmission Dance Party

11.14    The Good Life, Field Mouse, Jake Bellows

11.15    Wendy Alembic, Little Cake, Different Planets

11.16    Ground Water Mafia

11.18    Rap and Destroy

11.19    Sparky’s Birthday Party: Chloroform, Tosspots, Six Dinner Sid

11.21    My Missing Half, Sonic Pulse, Thrashole, Orius

11.23    Thanksgiving Eve: Irving Klaws, Orations, Mockba

11.25    Night Slaves

11.26    Darkapathy, Mass Casualty, Nine Layers Deep

11.30    Beams, Little Cake *

12.1      DAGON, Euphoria, Crippled Mess, Circus Grenade, Lower Town Trio

12.2      Aircraft, First Ward

12.8      Bold Folly, Dreambeaches, Sonny Baker

12.9      Cold Wave at the Cat Cave

12.17    Mohawk Xmas Party