12.26    The Nightmare After Christmas
12.27 Johnny & the Man Kids, The Good Neighbors, The Gennies, Emanon **
12.28 Tokyo & the Boy, The Attic, Jacob Peter
12.29 Buried Alive Reunion Show, Chokehold, Jesus Piece, Trail Of Lies, Clear Focus
12.30 Early Show: Buried Alive Reunion Show, All Out War, Against All Hope, Dirt War, Juggernaut
12.30 Late Show: As If ’90s/’00s Dance Party/New Year’s Edition
12.31 Transmission New Year’s Eve Dance Party
1.5 Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour
1.5 LGBTQ Poetry Slam Fundraiser
1.6 The Scarecrow Show, After the Blast, Dopey Joe (Wickedly Cute is no longer on the bill…)
1.7 jeremy jermaine jerome
1.12 Happy Hour: Sarah Elizabeth
1.13 Early Show: The Hovelists, Wyatt Coin, BANK Noise, This
1.13 Late Show: Cabaret Noir: DJ Servo, DJ Trxxa, DJ Fang
1.18 POSTPONED: HundredMillionThousand, Basha
1.19 Be Locust or Alone release show
1.20 Arcadia, Wolf Tickets, The Clockers, Off The Avenue, Grain Assault
1.23 Marigold *
1.26 CANCELLED: Seaway
1.27 Brassband, Dixieland, Americana and Burlesque 5
1.29 Diet Cig, Spook School, Lala Lala
2.1 A&L
2.9 The Rifts, Dreambeaches, Witty Tarbox, Nothing Casual
2.17 F*** Valentines Fetish Bash! *
2.23 King Buffalo, Handsome Jack, Malarchuk, Nine Layers Deep, Bold Folly
2.25 I Set My Friends On Fire, Kissing Candice, Awaken I Am, A Story Inspired
3.2 Cavalcade, Moody Cosmos, Major Arcana
3.10 Justin Allen and the Well Shots, Leroy Townes, Tough Old Bird
3.13 Screaming Females
3.23 Infringement Festival Fundraiser
3.24  Leather Lace and Fur Ball
4.12 Cub Sport
4.13 Reed Turchi, Handsome Jack
Tickets for Screaming Females available through Ticketfly: or at the club…
Tickets for We Are the Winski, Rookie of the Year, and I Set My Friends On Fire available here:
Tickets for these shows are available through Ticketfly, just not through our normal link: Makeout, Trophy Eyes, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Buried Alive, Marigold, and Cub Sport.