11.25    Second Trip crowd-funding closer show, Malarchuk, Deadwolf,

Fox 45 
11.27    Unordained, Laiko, Cashier Smile 
11.28    Nik Turner’s Hawkwind, Hedersleben, Handsome Jack
12.3      Painted Zeros, Bethlehem Steel, Del Paxton, JOHNS, The Slums   
12.4      Happy Hour: Sara Elizabeth and Michael Farrell **
12.4      TMMC, Aggravations, Little Cake and Jack Topht, Matthew William Charles 
12.5      Cold Wave at the Cat Cave 
12.7      Ugly Sweater Show: Firestarter, The Casket Runaway, Model Rockets, Pity Sweater, Crooked Gener8ion, Kelsey Law (Sleep On It is no longer on the bill)
12.8      DJ Optimus Prime, Specill K, Mad Dukez, Gaines; hosted by Short Moscato
12.9      Texas in July farewell tour, Reflections, Invent, Animate, To the Wind, Scenery with Solace, Hearts in Atlantis 
12.10    Sleepy Hahas, Naturalists, Aircraft, Humble Braggers 
12.11    Happy Hour: Jony James 
12.11    Scope & Figure, dreambeaches, Sonny Baker 
12.12    Brassband, Dixieland, Americana and Burlesque 3: Folkfaces, The Stripteasers, The Fredtown Stompers, 12/8 Path Band, and more… 
12.17    Parade Chic release show, Sonny Baker & Alex Berkley, Bryan Johnson, Urban Reverie
12.18    Happy Hour: River Dogs 
12.18    The Blue Devil Hootenanny: Distillery Boys, Kill the Clock, Mr Boneless, Elemantra, Jamie & the Debt, Pam Swarts, Random Abstract, and more… 
12.19    Mohawk Place Xmas Party: The Irving Klaws, The Surfin’ Cadavers, The BiPolaroids, and more… 
12.23    Last Conservative, The CPX
12.26    Early Show: CottonMouth 20 year anniversary reunion
12.26    Late Show: The Nightmare After Christmas: Garda, Optic Oppression, Digital Afterlife, Third Realm
12.28    Misconstruity 
12.31    New Year’s Eve Transmission Dance Party 
1.8        Tomoreaux, Passed Out 
1.9        Cause For A Hero Farewell Show, Winner Take All, Pity Sweater, Satellite Nation, One Less Today
1.15      Happy Hour: River Dogs
1.15      The Vores, TMMC, Sonny Baker
1.22      Mike Zogaria, Chris Squier, Tina Marie Williams 
1.23      Punk and Ska Extravaganza Part Deux: Johnny Revolting, D.N.R., The Abruptors, On The Cinder, Radical Operations 
1.27      The Toasters, The Abruptors, The Barksdales
1.29      Pelvis Lesley, Coral Collapsing
2.5        Night Slaves cassette release

Tickets for The Slackers, Peelander-Z, Nik Turner’s Hawkwind, and The Toasters available through Ticketfly:​

Friday, December 4, 5pm, FREE!

Happy Hour: Sara Elizabeth

Michael Farrell

Freelance writer Michael Farrell (Buffalo News, Spree) just released his second novel, When the Lights Go Out. It's about a fictional musician who plays local joints like Mohawk. He’s teaming up with Sara Elizabeth to turn her Happy Hour performance into a combo show/book release party.

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Wednesday, November 25, 8pm, $5

Second Trip crowd-funding closer show



From Rochester

Fox 45

After 13 years as a band, local power trio Second Trip are finally on the verge of releasing their first full-length album.  It's been a long time coming, so they are pushing to make it as professional quality of a release as possible, and they need your help raising funds in order to make this project a reality.

Saturday, December 5, 8pm, $5

Cold Wave at the Cat Cave:

Third Realm

DJs Collin Gabriel and Shurdo

plus visual artists

A Cold Wave/post-punk /Gothic rock/synth pop dance event, with live art.

DJs Collin Gabriel and Shurdo (Dana Mcknight) will be spinning records from Poland and France, from the 80's and 90's, the UK and US, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Russia. Infrastition, Factory Records, MTJ, 4AD, Mute, Cherry Red, etc. 
Guest music act: electro industrial/darkwave band Third Realm, who are comprised of Nathan Reiner, Arrow Fitzgibbon, Melanie Beitel and Mike Reiner.

Visual artists include Catherine Prince, Rachael Shank, Kelly Kresconko, Calla Clark, Steve Ardo, Jen Janus Sintzel, Hayley Safe, Lori Ann, Cari Feltz-Abdo, and Alice Duality…