4.30      Screaming Females 

5.2        Life and Times, Chevron Bloom 

5.3        Francie Moon, Bold Folly,The Sofa Kingz *

5.4        Wildhoney, Cannon the Brave, The Good Neighbors, honey **

5.5        Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

5.5        The Last Reign, Arcadia (Chicago), Narwhal Bloodbath 

5.6        Early Show: HarkNESS Monster Spring Showcase: PIXETRVP, Chris T, TAYA, lowkey, REZI, 

            Urban Reverie, STP, Young Italy, ETHYNN 

5.6        Arcadia, The Clockers, Johnny Revolting, The Barksdales, Boss’ Daughter 

5.7        The Living Deads, Blue Ribbon Bastards, D.N.R. **

5.8        mike watt + the jom & terry show 

5.10      Kyle Sherman, Andy Pothier  

5.11      Legendary Shack Shakers, Jesse Dayton, Dredneks  

5.12      Happy Hour: Tom Stahl/Stress Dolls 

5.12      SMUG,  Dreambeaches, The Slums, Green Dreams **

5.13      Aly’s Inspirations: Wacko Fest, The Toy Box Brigade, THIS, Passing Time, TAP WATER, 

To Gain Clarity, Andrea Elle 

5.15      Trapt, Smile Empty Soul, Seven Faces, Exham Priory, Ritual Walk, Ironsoul, 

Breath of the Valkyrie 

5.17      Roc the Mic 

5.18      Under The Covers: Tribute Sets from Girl Jeans, A Rose Among Ashes, Digital Afterlife *

5.19      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour *

5.19      HarborLights, Orations,  Pieces *

5.20      Mustard Plug, J Navarro and the Traitors, The Abruptors, Inherent Vice, 

The Buffalo Brass Machine 

5.21      Whores, WRONG, Bummer 

5.22      Jucifer, Nine Layers Deep, Saints and Winos 

5.23      Rhythm Of Fear, DMP, One Way Terror  

5.25      Got Beats? 

5.26      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour *

5.26      Buffalo Hip Hop All Stars 2.0: Code Red Global, DeeZ 716, King Jester 716, 

            LumberJackMatt, Conscious, Nemesis Poe; Hosted by BiGG RiCH 

5.27      The Hovelists release show, Arcadia, Poindexter, Axed and Smashed, Rat Salad 

5.28      AJ Jordan, Stevie Miles, Superbia, Grenzy, Ray Williams, J Na$ty, Jim Burke 

5.29      Psyclon 9, Echo Black, Optic Oppression 

5.30      Slow Caves 

6.2        The Irving Klaws, The Enemies, Governess 

6.3        New Berlin, The Drains, Facility Men, Quitman 

6.5        Tim Kasher 

6.7        Edgar Clinks, Ex-Pat 

6.8        The Mason District, First Ward, Bold Folly 

6.9        Happy Hour: Cardboard Homestead, Darling Harbor, Churches & Trains, 

Matthew W Charles 

6.9        Cold Wave at the Cat Cave

6.10      The Jumpers, Soul Butchers ** 

6.11      All Them Witches, Handsome Jack **

6.13      Calliope Musicals, Tigerman Woah 

6.14      The Toasters, Black Irish Texas, The Toy Box Brigade, Reggie Childs 

6.15      Herd Fest 

6.16      Herd Fest 

6.17      Herd Fest 

6.18      Herd Fest 

6.21      METZ

6.23      Wyatt Coin, Drednecks, Murder City Outlaws, The Cage Kings

6.27      Her Crooked Heart (Rachel Ries w/ Shane Leonard) 

6.28      Greyhaven, DUDES, Ish Kabbible 

6.30      Sara Elizabeth, Grace Stumberg, Tina Williams, Megan Brown 

7.3        Thirty Silver, Dead Harrison 

7.7        Green Jello, Super Killer Robots, Aneya Marie, Inherent Vice 

7.19      Beams

7.22      Buffalo Metal Fest

7.26      D.R.I., Rebel Scum, Rotten UK, Pissing Match 

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