6.4        Sebadoh, Total Babes
6.5        Happy Hour: The River Dogs
6.5        The Irving Klaws, Big Classic, The Vores
6.6        Armcannon, Kill The Clock, Bred Raptors?, Aligns, Village Psychic
6.10      TOUR CANCELLED: The Sharrows, Medicine Man Moonshine Orchestra
6.11      Honeybird 
6.12      Beauty Pill, Returners, Lips 
6.13      Humble Braggers Release Party, Brimstone Blondes, Sea Planes, Thick Winter Blud 
6.14      Pattern is Movement  Farewell Tour 
6.15      White Lung, The Obliterations, Utah Jazz  
6.16      CANCELLED: Of Virtue, Ocean Grid
6.17      Voodoo Glow Skulls, Slow Children, Seven Thirty Seven, On the Cinder 
6.18      Herd Fest Opening Ceremony: Mallwalkers, Attic Abasement, Bryan Johnson and Family, Transmission Dance Party
6.19      A Place to Bury Strangers, Sannhet, Alpha Hopper 
6.20      Rustic Radio, Surrender Reality, IronsouL, Lily Among Thorns 
6.23      The Memphis Murder Men 
6.24      Sleep On It, Real Talk, Kelsey Law, Ed Slowinski, Mallory Run, Clearance, Barlow
6.25      CANCELLED: Heartsick/WATC 
6.26      Happy Hour: Timbre Land Whiskey Band 
6.26      New York Rock, BigBottleRocket, The Surfin' Cadavers 
6.29      Knockout Kid, Worse Than Yesterday, Sexy Teenagers *
7.3        Happy Hour: Tony DeRosa 
7.3        Difficult Night, Lifemusik Mit Andre, Space Is Haunted, Peter Kirsch
7.5        Ceremony/Pity Sex/Tony Molina/Tapehead  
7.7        Old Again, Broadside *
7.10      Pocket Vinyl, Child of Folly, The Feast, Billy Draws Two, The Last Sentry, Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow, Erica Wolfling, Renata Rowland
7.16      Attalla/Cosmic Shakedown
7.18      Early Show: Davey O. and Friends - Songwriters in the Round featuring Dee Adams, David Miller, and Mike Brown 
7.20      Liturgy
7.21      Mr Twin Sister/Moon King  
7.22      Bear Girl
7.23      METZ, Viet Cong, Crosss 
7.24      Sonny & the Sunsets
Tickets are available for Gooch Palms, Sebadoh, Pattern Is Movement, White Lung, A Place to Bury Strangers, Ceremony, Liturgy, Mr. Twin Sister, METZ/Viet Cong, and Sonny & the Sunsets through 

Ticketmaster: or at the Tralf box office…
Tickets for Wildhoney here:  

Tickets for Beauty Pill available here:

Tickets for the Voodoo Glow Skulls available here:

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Wednesday, May 20, 8pm, $5

from Montreal

Atsuko Chiba

Shadow Swine (Of the Outer Realm)

Atsuko Chiba are an instrumental experimental collective from Montreal; their music prominently features heavy effect processing and ambient electronics, within a melodic and rhythmic framework. The live show aims to create immersive sensorial environments by combining sound-based creative practices and live visuals.

Thursday, May 21, 7pm doors/8pm show

$8 advance/$10 day of show

from Newcastle, Australia
The Gooch Palms

from Los Angeles

Death Valley Girls

local support TBA

Friday, May 22, 5pm, FREE!
Happy Hour: Timbre Land Whiskey Band

Friday, May 22, 8pm, $5

The Bloody Hollies

The BiPolaroids

The Aggravations

The Soft Love

 (Roy de Roy have cancelled due to visa problems) 

Friday, May 29, 5pm, FREE!

Happy Hour: Cashier Smile

click here for the Facebook event

Saturday, May 30, 8pm, $5

Second Trip

Soul Butchers

A Murder Waltz

(Monkey Wrench, Scary Chicken, 7-10 Splits have cancelled, as have Crooked Books)

Monday, June 1, 8pm, $8

from Vermont

Matt “MV” Valentine

from Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Chase Huglin

Scott Valkwitch-Bill Nehill Duo

Steve Baczkowski-Ravi Padmanabha-Ringo Brill Trio

Mom Said No 
Matt “MV” Valentine is on tour in North America this spring supporting his new solo album Midden Mound.

Tuesday, June 2, 8pm

$7 advance/$10 day of show

from Baltimore

from Edinburgh, Scotland

The Spook School

Difficult Night

Alien Three
If you caught them at Mohawk last fall, you know that Wildhoney are a pop band through and through. While some have thrown around words like "dreamy" and "hazy" to describe their brand of guitar pop, there's something deeper going on that can't be summed up in an easy blog tag. Songs such as "Soft Bats" and "Like Me" aren't just catchy songs, they're songs that stick with you long after they end. This is due to the simple, yet great interplay between vocals and guitars that weave throughout almost effortlessly. "Get Out Of My Dreams" from their upcoming single finds Wildhoney digging a bit deeper and crafting an almost droney pop song that not only is catchy but pulses with life.