6.5        CANCELLED: Larva, Xentrifuge, Third Realm, Optic Oppression, FutureAngel, Frankie Fjord, Blue Lazer 
6.8        Adrienne Mack-Davis, feleciacruz, Chuckie Campbell & The Phaction, Katie Ann & MC Zill, Intent To Sell, Way Of Life
6.9        Secret Pizza, Del Paxton, Divorce, Dead Lounge 
6.10      Happy Hour: Jony James 
6.10      The Leones, Tender Hearts, Coral Collapse, Moody Cosmos  
6.11      The Northern Reaches, Night Slaves, Be Locust or Alone(Northern Reaches is the new name of the band originally announced as Big Iron…) **
6.13      Moving Units *
6.14      Giorgio Murderer, Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, Fatal Figures, Dudes 
6.15      Spaghetti Boys, Hero the Band, One Way to Nowhere
6.16      Herd Fest Day 1: Lesionread, Shana Falana, Aaron and the Burrs, Tomoreaux **
6.17      Happy Hour: The Alison Pipitone Band *
6.17      Herd Fest Day 2: Ex-Pat, Comfy, Bryan Johnson and Family, Daniel Robinson, Night Slaves, Bridge Under Fire **
6.18      Herd Fest Day 3: (Early Show) Brimstone Blondes, Nylon Otters, Cantelope, Hundred Plus Club **
6.18      Herd Fest Day 3: (Late Show) Del Paxton, Alaska, The Slums, Stepfriends **
6.19      Herd Fest Day 4:  Chemical Ape, Dean Chatham, Chill Ali, Prime Example,  200 Kids Outside **
6.22      Nights of Fire 2016 present: The Spark
6.23      Madball, Borrowed Time
6.24      Happy Hour: The Alison Pipitone Band *
6.24      Early Show: Son Little
6.24      Late Show: SheLives presents #deepEND *
6.25      Mustard Plug, The Abruptors, Inherent Vice, Chester Copperpot
6.30      Greg Burt's Birthday Bash: Breath Of The Valkyrie, The Nigh, Senick, Pointless Pursuit, Crooked Gener8ion, Renee´
7.1        Happy Hour: The Alison Pipitone Band *
7.1        The Irving Klaws, BoBo, The Spaghetti Boys
7.2        The Long Cold Dark, Diceros, The Last Reign, Days Beneath, The Crypt  
7.3        The Memphis Murder Men 
7.5        Ian Fitzgerald, Riley Pinkerton, Mike Brown ** 
7.6        Canyon Collected 
7.7        Sauron, Nuke, Rebel Scum, Rotten (UK)
7.8        Happy Hour: The Alison Pipitone Band *
7.8        The Scenics, The Barksdales, Twin Lions, The Card Cheats, The Rifts
7.9        Dave Smalley, Against All Hope (reunion), YellowDog Union, Vital Times, Radiation Risks, G.O.A.  
7.11      Spirit Ghost
7.13      Tinderbox Circus Sideshow *
7.15      Scope & Figure, Dreambeaches, Pappy Stardust, Bryan Johnson and Family **
7.20      Jeff Rosenstock, Quiet Oaks, Mags (The Naturalists are no longer on the bill)
7.22      Big Brothers Big Sisters Benefit Concert: Marabella Band, Mike Zogaria Band, 2nd Generation
7.23      Justin Symbol, The Amatory Murder, Life Barrier, Doomsday Virus, Standard Issue Citizen, Futureangel, Blue Lazer
7.24      Mike Busey & the Busey Beauties 
7.25      Roots Like Mountains, Adventurer, Alteras, A Rose Among Ashes, 3 Hour Power Shower, One Less Today, The Second String
7.28      Make Room, Welcome Home, Pointless Pursuit, Brooke & The Boys, Wacko Fest, Squatch, ReRuns
7.29      Buffalo Infringement Festival
7.30      Buffalo Infringement Festival: Apocalypse Ball **
7.31      Buffalo Infringement Festival: For The Kids **
8.1        Buffalo Infringement Festival
8.2        Buffalo Infringement Festival
8.3        Buffalo Infringement Festival: Electric ‘Hawk **
8.4        Buffalo Infringement Festival: Prince vs. Bowie Dance Party **
8.5        Buffalo Infringement Festival
8.6        Buffalo Infringement Festival: Pipe Dragon Memorial Expo **
8.7        Buffalo Infringement Festival
8.9        Eikthyrnir, Orcsmear, Goblin Hovel
8.11      Broncho, Bold Folly, Dreambeaches, Mr. Boneless
8.14      DisgraceD, Third Realm, The Freeeek, GAWD, T R I P, Andy Olson
8.22      The Slackers *




Tickets for David Liebe Hart, Mustard Plug, and Dave Smalley available through


Tickets are available for Son Little through
Ticketmaster: or at the Tralf box office…


Tickets for Kill the Clock, Adrienne Mack-Davis, Greg Burt’s Birthday Bash, The Scenics, Big Brothers/Sisters Benefit, Long Cold Dark, Justin Symbol, Mike Busey, Roots Like Mountains, Make Room, and DisgraceD  available here:

* New listing since the last update.

** Changes/additions since the last update.

Thursday, June 2, 8pm, $10 advance/$12 day of show 

From the Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

A multimedia spectacular, complete with puppetry, exclusive videos

David Liebe Hart

Wood Bois

Chris Gullo

The David Liebe Hart Tribute Band

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Sunday, May 29, 8pm, $5 **

Indie Rock From Baltimore


Matt Script


Nylon Otters

Saturday, May 28, 8pm, $5 **

Pine Fever

The Fredtown Stompers

Twenty Thousand Strongmen

From Pittsburgh

Nameless In August

Friday, May 26th. 5pm. FREE. $2 PBR'S, $2 off all PINTS!!!

The Side Project

$2 off all pints and $2 PBR's!

Tuesday, May 31, 8pm, $5 **

Indie-pop from Edmonton, Alberta

Doug Hoyer

Alex Berkley

Coral Collapse

The Good Neighbors

Wednesday, May 25, 8pm, $5 **

Indie-psych from Portland, Maine

Jeff Beam

Sonny Baker

Oats Holy Roller

Thursday, May 26, 8pm, $5 **

The Bloody Hollies

Soul Butchers

The Soft Love

Saturday, June 4, 8pm, $7 

From Brooklyn

Bethlehem Steel

From NYC


Slow Cooker

Space is Haunted

Friday, June 3, 5pm, FREE! *

Happy Hour: The Blues Thugs Featuring Yvonne Schmidt


Doors at 5:00, music starts at 6:00. $2 PBRs, 2 bucks off all pints…

Tuesday, May 24, 8pm, $5 

Indie-psych-folk from Indianapolis

Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery

From Brooklyn


Mom Said No

Urban Reverie

Friday, June 3, 8pm, $8 (includes a copy of the mixtape)

Lesionread and Space Cubs 

split mixtape release show


Jack Toft

From Wisconsin

Dogs In Ecstasy

Wednesday, June 1, 6pm, $5 advance/$7 day of show 

Welcome Back Summer Show:

Kill the Clock

From Sylva, North Carolina

Hope Sets Sail

From Rochester

Second Chances

Friday, May 27, 8pm, $5/18 and under free 

Drug Party Tapes 5 Year Anniversary Show:

The Utah Jazz

Big Suze


Hot Tip

Space is Haunted

Scajaquada Creeps