7.10      Happy Hour: The Jony James Band  
7.10      Pocket Vinyl, Child of Folly, The Feast, Billy Draws Two, The Last Sentry, Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow, Erica Wolfling, Renata Rowland 
7.11      Tugboat Release Party, HUNS, Second Trip 
7.12      Time and Distance, Motion Theatre, Bungler, Avidd the Band, 3 Hour Power Shower 
7.16      Attalla, Cosmic Shakedown, Malarchuk 
7.17      The Great Mistake, The Lady or The Tiger, Noah Gokey and the Skulls, Jaill
7.18      Early Show: Davey O. and Friends - Songwriters in the Round featuring Dee Adams, Chris Squier
7.18      The Barksdales, The Card Cheats, Seven Thirty Seven, Killer Ghost, The Clockers 
7.20      Liturgy, YVETTE, JOHNS  
7.21      Mr Twin Sister/Moon King  
7.22      Bear Girl, Iselia, Rustic Radio, The Search & Find, Wacko Fest, Ivy's Panic Room 
7.23      METZ, Viet Cong, Crosss 
7.24      Happy Hour: Timbre Land Whiskey Band 
7.24      Sonny & the Sunsets 
7.25      Buffalo Infringement Festival 
7.26      Buffalo Infringement Festival 
7.27      Buffalo Infringement Festival 
7.28      Buffalo Infringement Festival
7.29      Buffalo Infringement Festival 
7.30      Buffalo Infringement Festival 
7.31      Buffalo Infringement Festival 
8.1        Buffalo Infringement Festival 
8.2        Buffalo Infringement Festival 
8.3        Band Droidz (feat: Marq (Qmax420) formerly of the Slackers), The Waves, The Morning After Pills, Magic Honey
8.6        Beams, Pine Fever, The Observers 
8.7        The Abruptors, The Anti Bodies, Seven Thirty Seven, The Same Sun
8.8        Crooked Gener8ion, Avidd The Band, Wacko Fest, Improbable Cause, In Glory Daze
8.10      Stolas, Artifex Pereo, Eidola, Glass Hearts, Eavesdrop, Gretta Moire, My Girl Chernobyl
8.11      Palberta, Big Neck Police, Wax Mice, Dildon't 
8.12      Destroyer of Light, Godhunter, Bastard Lord 
8.15      Pale Green Stars, The Barry Brothers, The Heavenly Chillbillies 
8.20      Inlite (Farewell Show), The Sleepy Hahas, The Naturalists 
8.22      Rumble in the Belt: The Surfin Cadavers, Industry of Life Divine, Johnny Revolting + custom car show, tattoo artists, burlesque & more
8.26      Post Season, Such A Mess, Pappy Stardust, Autoverse, Pockets, No Strings Attached, Peregrine 
8.27      City Under Siege, Bristol To Memory, Avidd The Band, Panic Switch, Our Modern Moloch 
9.3        Haint Blue, Pine Fever, The Observers
9.15      Mikal Cronin, Calvin Love 
9.26      Bully

Tickets are available for David Liebe Hart, Ceremony, Liturgy, Mr. Twin Sister, METZ/Viet Cong, Sonny & the Sunsets, Mikal Cronin and Bully through Ticketmaster: or at the Tralf box office…​

Saturday, July 4, 6pm, $10 advance/$15 day of show

from Sacramento, California, of the band A Lot Like Birds,

and formerly Dance Gavin Dance:

Kurt Travis

from Detroit


from East Brunswick, New Jersey

In Angles

Glass Hearts

Crooked Gener8ion

Anthony Wachowiak

Friday, July 3, 5pm, FREE!

Happy Hour: Tony DeRosa

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Sunday, July 5, 8pm, $12 advance/$14 day of show

from Rohnert Park, California


from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Pity Sex

from Millbrae, California

Tony Molina


Tuesday, July 7, 8pm, $10 advance/$12 day of show

from Central Florida

Old Again

from Richmond, Virginia


Two Years

Thundercloud Kid