2.25      I Set My Friends On Fire, Kissing Candice, Awaken I Am, A Story Inspired 

2.28      That 1 Guy

3.1        Jack release show, dreambeaches, Slinky X, Saturn V 

3.2        Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

3.2        Cavalcade, Moody Cosmos, Major Arcana

3.3        Oak House, Second Trip, Bold Folly 

3.4        nothing,nowhere., Shinigami, Lil Lotus, Jay Vee

3.5        Coopertheband, Avidd the Band, Urban Reverie ** 

3.9        Emo Night – Buffalo (Spring 2018 Edition)

3.10      Justin Allen and the Well Shots, Leroy Townes, Tough Old Bird

3.11      Johnny & The Man Kids, The Orange Friction, All Poets & Heroes, The Good Neighbors, 

Nylon Otters 

3.12      Zoochie 

3.13      Screaming Females, Radiator Hospital 

3.16      Saved By The 90s

3.17      Coward, Hot Blood, Governess 

3.18      Squatch, The Impurity, Murder in Rue Morgue, Breath of the Valkyrie, Nuclear Winter *

3.19      Can’t Swim, Super Whatevr, Gleemer, Fernway, Into the Wake **

3.20      Richie Ramone, The Barksdales, Chester Copperpot, The Waves 

3.21      Jake Bellissimo, Hussalonia *

3.22      The 3rd Annual “Drummers Only” 

3.23      Infringement Festival Fundraiser:  Bold Folly, ITDONTFIT, Not Cool, Daft Pluck, Kerry Fey, Hooked on Casiophonics 

3.24      Curiosity a Bit Fur-ther: A Night of Wild Desires and Exploration 

3.25      EYEHATEGOD, Cro-mags 

3.27      Forever Came Calling, In Her Own Words, Hold Close 

3.29      Black Pussy, Stone Cold Killer, Deadwolf 

3.29      Next door at Electric Avenue: Bugg, No Blues, Facility Men 

3.30      The Irving Klaws, The Jumpers 

3.31      All-WNY Radio anniversary show: Kennedy Carpool, Breaking Solace, Exham Priory 

4.1        Greg Sterlace’s Birthday: Bad Ronald, Stationwagon, Green Schwinn 

4.4        Radio Wonderland 

4.5        The Slackers, The Abruptors 

4.6        Copper, Gathering Ground 

4.7        Space Cubs

4.8        Matthew Danger Lippman, Quinton Brock, Award Show, Johnny and the Man Kids **

4.9        Flesh Mother 

4.10      Boston Manor, Homesafe, Hot Mulligan, Save Face 

4.11      Basic Printer, dreambeaches, Humble Braggers 

4.12      Cub Sport

4.13      Reed Turchi, Handsome Jack, Black Canyon Lights 

4.14      Rock A Mile benefit 

4.15      My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Orations, Optic Opression 

4.17      Stacked Like Pancakes, The Toy Box Brigade, 42 Eagle 

4.19      Brendan & the Strangest Ways,  Jungle Steve & The Gypsophelias, Timothy Alice 

4.20      Nine Layers Deep, Sons Of Ghidorah, HUNS 

4.21      Lost Elysium, StroElle, Eyes of the Blind, Optic Oppression

4.24      Short Moscato 

4.25      Snailmate 

4.26      Beams, dreambeaches, Katie Weissman 

4.27      Early Show: The Enemies*

4.27      Late Show: Transmission Dance Party 

4.28      The Barksdales, Governess, The Emersons, Lucky 33, The Living Deads

5.6        Sunflower Bean, Dream Wife 

5.9        Moved to 5.15: Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown 

5.11      Come to Grief, Fistula, Malarchuk, Dirt War 

5.12      PastMasters

5.14      Mos Generator, Fox 45, Nine Layers Deep  

5.15      New Date: Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown 

5.18      Iron Fist, Shanzig, Ish Kabbible 

5.19      Ball Cheeze Psychotics 

5.20      Founding Fathers, Karen Meat 

5.22      Crunk Witch 

5.25      Sara Elizabeth, Not Quite Right, The Dan White Band 

5.26      Virus X, JC Nickles, Axed and Smashed 

5.31      Chloroform 

6.2        Early Show: Ben Vaughn, Mark Norris 

6.2        Late Show: Poindexter 

6.7        Middle Kids 

Tickets for Mardi Gras, Screaming Females, Sunflower Bean, and Come to Grief/Fistula available through Ticketfly: or at the club…

Tickets for I Set My Friends On Fire, Richie Ramone, Drummers Only, and Stacked Like Pancakes available here:

Tickets for these shows are available through Ticketfly, just not through our normal link: Big Something, Into the Wake, Wild Rivers, That 1 Guy, nothing, nowhere., Johnny and the Man Kids, Saved by the 90s, Squatch, Can’t Swim, Forever Came Calling, The Slackers, Copper, Boston Manor, Cub Sport, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, and Middle Kids.