5.8        Happy Hour: Jony James
5.8        Pam Swarts/Jack Topht and Little Cake/Fashion Expo 90/

Jamie and the Debt/Ahavaraba/Different Planets
5.9        Pants and the Family/2 Rabbit/Shadow Swine/

Beer Hall Philosophers **
5.11      Dead Flowers/Old Best Friend/The Demos ** 
5.15      Lazlo Hollyfeld/Applennium
5.16      Early Show: Melt Banana
5.16      D-Railed/Cause of Affliction/Sic Sin/Tugboat
5.17      Pile/JOHNS/The Slums/Rosy
5.18      Baltic To Boardwalk/High Hopes/Dollar Diplomacy/Our Modern Moloch/For Winter
5.19      Holy Sheboygan/Mulberry Soul/ Jackson Cavalier & The Fevertones/Folkfaces **
5.21      Gooch Palms
5.22      Roy de Roy/The Bloody Hollies/The BiPolaroids 
5.29      Lost Like Lions
5.30      Monkey Wrench/Scary Chicken/7-10 Splits
6.1        Matt “MV” Valentine *
6.2        Wildhoney/Spook School/Difficult Night **
6.5        The Irving Klaws/Big Classic/The Vores
6.6        Armcannon/Kill The Clock/You Bred Raptors?/Aligns/

Village Psychic
6.10      The Sharrows/Medicine Man Moonshine Orchestra
6.12      Beauty Pill/Returners/Lips 
6.14      Pattern is Movement  Farewell Tour **
6.15      White Lung/The Obliterations 
6.16      Of Virtue/Ocean Grid *
6.17      Voodoo Glow Skulls/Slow Children/Seven Thirty Seven 
6.19      A Place to Bury Strangers/Sannhet/Alpha Hopper 
6.24      Sleep On It/Real Talk *
6.25      Heartsick/WATC *
6.26      New York Rock/BigBottleRocket/The Surfin' Cadavers *
7.3        Difficult Night/ Lifemusik Mit Andre/Space Is Haunted/

Peter Kirsch **
7.5        Ceremony/Pity Sex *
7.10      Pocket Vinyl/Child of Folly/The Feast/Billy Draws Two/The Last Sentry/Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow/Erica Wolfling/Renata Rowland
7.16      Attalla/Sun Black Smoke/Cosmic Shakedown *
7.20      Liturgy
7.21      Mr Twin Sister *
7.22      Bear Girl *
7.23      Viet Cong/METZ *
7.24      Sonny & the Sunsets *
Tickets are available for Melt Banana, Pattern Is Movement, White Lung, A Place to Bury Strangers, Ceremony, Liturgy, Mr. Twin Sister, Viet Cong, and Sonny & the Sunsets through Ticketmaster:

or at the Tralf box office…

Tickets for Roddy Radiation available here:

Tickets for the Voodoo Glow Skulls available here:

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Wednesday, April 22, 8pm, $7   **
A Public Picnic Fundraiser:
from Brooklyn



Bryan Johnson and Family

As a part of a series of fundraisers for The Public Picnic, Brooklyn based Landlady will be bringing their strangely psychedelic tunes to the Mohawk place for an evening of merriment and thought exchange.

Thursday, April 23, 8pm, $5 **
from NYC

Stumblebum Brass Band

Meet the brass band that no one wants parading down their street.

Everett Lonesomes


Friday, April 24, 5pm, FREE! **

Happy Hour: Timbre Land Whiskey Band

Friday, April 24, 8pm, $10 **



Pine Fever

The Fredtown Stompers

12/8 Path Band

The Stripteasers

Saturday, April 25, 8pm, $5 **

from Oneonta
The Spectacular Average Boys

Hailing from the Catskill Mountains in Upstate NY, The Spectacular Average Boys 
combine folk and Americana roots with the alternative rock influences of kids raised on 
MTV in the '90s.

Tapered Creek

Rear View Ramblers

Tuesday, April 28, 8pm, $10 advance/$12 day of show **

from the U.K.
Roddy Radiation (of The Specials)

from Baltimore/D.C.

The Scotch Bonnets


DJ Ruben's Doc Marten SoundSystem

Thursday, April 30, 8pm, $5 **

from Brooklyn
The Bones of JR Jones

Patrick Stephen Johnson

Levi Van Cleve

Friday, May 1, 5pm, FREE! **
Happy Hour: Sara Elizabeth

Thursday, May 7, 7:30pm, $5

Maria Aurigema CD release show

Maria Aurigema is releasing her new CD Long Way Home with us on May 7th.Energetic, hard driving. And CRAZY, Maria is going to throw down her brand of Rocking blues at Mohawk. ....Whole Hog Food truck will be on hand with a special "Maria menu" this night!! And this is the FIRST time Maria has played 

Facebook event here: