2.19      Buffalo’s Hip Hop Fest 2017: No Ceilings Entertainment, 8 LumberJackMatt , Shanta Fanta, Da Villy Kids, Conscious, Mark Lee, Skillievanille, The Md. 

2.22      It Is Written, Unkempt Herald, Axed n’ Smashed, Inertia

2.23      Time & Distance, Garrett Shea and the Red Letter Kings, Ensemble Solitaire 

2.24      Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour

2.24      King Buffalo, Be Locust or Alone,  DUDES, Soul Butchers 

2.25      Early Show: Urban Reverie

2.25      Adam Bronstein’s Freehand Band

2.26      InAeona, Circular Logic, Uncertain

2.28      Seeker, The Grindmother, Cognitive, WVRM, Allegiant, Inertia, Beneath Me 

3.1        NPR Tiny Desk Contest Concert 

3.2        Got Beats? 

3.3        Happy Hour: Mr. Conrad’s Rock’n’Roll Happy Hour 

3.3        Del Paxton release show, Slow Cooker,  Sonny Baker Band,  Yellow House,  VWLS 

3.4        Handsome Jack, Johnny Nobody, Deadwolf 

3.6        Carousel Kings, Abandoned By Bears, Bad Case of Big Mouth, Ovtlier, Into the Wake, This,  In Real Life 

3.7        Gosh

3.8        Throwaway, The Drains, Particle Sprang 

3.9        Heavy Temple, Pilgrim, Nine Layers Deep, Malarchuk 

3.10      Happy Hour: Sara Elizabeth 

3.10      Cold Wave at the Cat Cave

3.11      Tugboat, Stone Priest,

The Cotard Delusion 

3.12      AngelMaker, Falsifier, Extortionist, Filth, Sleepers,

L O W L I F E 

3.16      Wimpy Rutherford & The Cryptics 

3.17      MCKP, Frigid Giant, Koolie High, Chronic Collective 

3.18      Murphy’s Law, Brick By Brick, Longest War, Facility Men, Tiger Sex 

3.19      Lenny Lashley (of Street Dogs and Darkbuster), Governess, Ego Destroys, Black X, The Throwbacks, Grain Assault (Iron Cross is no longer on the bill…)

3.23      Funeral Nation, Cain, Hubris 

3.24      Buffalo Infringement Festival Fundraiser: Twenty Thousand Strongmen, Like A Panther, Stunde Null, Truey V, Jimyn the Singing Mime 

3.25      Bold Folly, Dreambeaches, Mr. Boneless 

3.26      Crunk Witch, Coral Collapse 

3.27      Embracer, Petal Books, Passed Out, Grace of Faults, Echota, The Black Hats, Squatch 

3.31      The Metal Webzine’s 2nd Birthday Bash! 

4.1        As If Dance Party 

4.3        Living Body

4.5        Advance Base, Karima Walker 

4.7        The Irving Klaws, The Jumpers 

4.8        Ten Cent Howl, Uncle Ben’s Remedy, Leroy Townes, The Hawkeyes 

4.13      A&L (featuring Anthony Casuccio & Lana Marie), French Quarter Hounds, Minor Racket, 

            Matt Connolly 

4.14      Happy Hour: Brendan & the Strangest Ways 

4.14      Whiskey Daredevils, Blue Rocket Trio, Buck Quigley 

4.15      Wren Williams, Marquee Grand, Passed Out, The Sons of Luther, Mutual Friends 

4.16      The Octopus Project, Baci e Ceci 

4.19      Dan Tedesco 

4.20      We Killed McKinley release show 

4.25      Sekengard, Orcsmear, Goblin Hovel 

4.27      Thirty Silver, Solidbreath 

4.28      Murder City Outlaws release show, Johnny Revolting 

5.2        Life and Times 

5.4        Cannon the Brave

5.5        The Last Reign, Arcadia (Chicago), Narwhal Bloodbath

5.6        Arcadia, The Clockers, Johnny Revolting, The Barksdales, Boss’ Daughter

5.7        The Living Deads

5.11      Legendary Shack Shakers, Jesse Dayton, Dredneks

5.19      HarborLights, Orations

5.20      Mustard Plug , The Abruptors, Inherent Vice, The Buffalo Brass Machine 

5.25      Got Beats?

7.22      Buffalo Metal Fest

7.26      D.R.I., Rebel Scum, Rotten UK, Pissing Match 

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