AD.UL.T, Debouch, Ish Kabbible

Next door at Electric Avenue: 

December 12, 2017 8:00 PM - December 13, 2017 12:00 AM Next door at Electric Avenue: 
Next door at Electric Avenue:
Tuesday, December 12, 8pm, $5
Zebra-headed noise-punk duo from Boston
Boston noise punk duo AD.UL.T released their debut EP, No, Thank You a year ago now.
The Boston underground has been pivotal for weirdo noise rock in the past decade thanks to bands like Guerilla Toss, Skimask, Arvid Noe, Pile, and (New England) Patriots and AD.UL.T are happy to carry the torch forward.
Determined to create a unique and ruthless record, the duo of Ethan Hurwitz (guitar/vocals) and Brian Kelly(bass) enlisted former Fat History Month drummer Mark Fede to play on and record the album. Having produced albums for the aforementioned Guerilla Toss and (New England) Patriots, Fede was a natural fit for the freak prog and post-hardcore noise assault of AD.UL.T and the rattled eruptions of No, Thank You, recorded at Fede’s studio, Bobby Hobby Lobby. The trio used the studio to their advantage, pushing the envelop with a variety of unusual sounds including actual reel-to-reel tape echo, Optigan, glass bottles and sawhorses for percussion, manual tremolo effects and more.
Most of the record’s songs revolve around a specific feeling and first single “Put It In Me” is a result of anxiety. If you didn’t have anxiety before listening to it, you might afterward. Speaking about the song, Hurwitz shared, “I had this awful attack and it just seemed like the world was crashing down. The lyrics are about coming across information that one just doesn’t know what to do with, and not knowing what to do about it.”
They returned to the studio this fall and should have a new release in the very near future…
Here’s a bizarre video for your enjoyment:
“This jolting, playground of auditory assault is certain to make your Grandma drag you to confession.” – Impose
“AD.UL.T are a force to be reckoned with. Mixing a punk core with noisey psychedelic swirls and boisterous bass lines, they embrace the stranger side of Boston’s indie scene…With a total of seven songs, AD.UL.T have crafted a relentless roller-coaster of noise, centered by the Kelly and Fede’s strong, often funky rhythm section. Hurwitz’s guitar playing, screaming with feedback, and drowned, effects-laden vocals add a heavy, psychedelic anxiety to the music. It’s clear the band are trying to have fun despite it all, and the resulting music treads a line between that and the frustrations of being, well, an American AD.UL.T. To listen to this music is to experience that frustration, which is at times challenging, but ultimately cathartic.” – Allston Pudding
Here they are live, along with an interview: