Emily Davis and the Murder Police, Stress Dolls, Stegosaurus Badge, Bryan Zells (of Yali)

August 16, 2017 8:00 PM - August 17, 2017 12:00 AM

Wednesday, August 16, 8pm, $5

Emily Davis and the Murder Police https://www.facebook.com/eDavisMusic/

https://emilydavis.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/emilydavis

Stress Dolls www.facebook.com/stressdollsmusic http://stressdollsmusic.com

Stegosaurus Badge www.facebook.com/StegosaurusBadge

Bryan Zells (of Yali) www.facebook.com/yalimusic https://yali.bandcamp.com

Emily Davis, songwriter from El Paso, Texas, writes and performs “neurotic, pseudo-philosophic folk rock.” Emily Davis and the Murder Police have released three albums thus far, each serving as a sort of mile marker in a symbiotic evolution of identity and sound and melting faces when the time permits.

Their third full-length release The Worst Kind of Curse infuses folk and alternative rock – diverging itself sonically from her two previous albums by employing a heavier, more visceral vibe. Centered in the heart of the album is the theme of impermanence – how it shapes who we are, how it helps us cope with our own mortality, and how it impacts the way in which we view other people. Songs like “Folklore” and “Beautiful Tomb” emphasize the inherent beauty of impermanence, while “Scatter Me” and “The Knot” relay personal hardships and how the finality of death shaped their outcomes.

“The Worst Kind of Curse is acoustically driven, full of rhythm and catchy hooks, all tied together with a punk-rock delivery by the singer’s strong vocals.” –El Paso Times

“Emily Davis is a nut. She’s more of an acorn. She falls from a tree sporadically. She’ll either be harvested by a squirrel or spend time on the surface of the ground before growing into a tree of her own. Either way Davis, the acorn, has always found a way to reach an audience so entranced by her art that they often become faithful, and loyal fans as well as deeply connected friends.” –The City Magazine

“Sagan’s Song”- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKxyp7XEdzk

“Finite: A Bad Religion Cover”- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jIL4rKfBE4

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