Howling Giant, The Etchings, Spacelord, Stone Priest

Stoner fuzz from Nashville

September 19, 2017 7:00 PM - September 20, 2017 12:00 AM Stoner fuzz from Nashville

Tuesday, September 19, 7pm doors/8pm show, $6 advance/$8 day of show

Stoner fuzz from Nashville

Howling Giant

The Etchings


Stone Priest

Howling Giant! The very name summons up mental images of a huge mutated orc-warrior astride an even more gigantic mastodon, ready to bring death, doom, damnation and destruction down upon its enemies.

Hailing from Nashville, Howling Giant obviously had some magical metal immunity to all the country and western music in the air. And this magic culminates into Howling Giant drawing comparisons and influence from Motorhead and MC5 to Cream and Corrosion of Conformity. As guitarist Tom Polzine explains, “Musically we aim to write songs that are melodic, catchy, and head bang-able, while conjuring up space-themed imagery of heroes and villains at war.”

In similar fashion as Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries and work by the father of the symphonic poem, composer Franz Liszt, Howling Giant achieves a grotesque level of over the top imagery and sound. A sound and image that straddles absurdity and the crushing metal power of Thor’s Hammer.

Right now, Howling Giant is poised to hit the road in support their latest EPs, Black Hole Space Wizard, Parts 1 and 2, a concept EP series that will be released on Sony Records, The Orchard.

“Howling Giant may be passed over to you as a stoner rock band or something of the ilk, but they’re far too experimental and avant garde in nature to be narrowed into a small definitive genre. Their first album in the Black Hole Space Wizard chronology was some of the heaviest and most enchanting music I heard last year. Well they’re back for Part II. Fuzz. Acid. Rock. Space. Doom. Stoner. Post-Post-Post Hawkwind. I don’t care what you call it, this album is so mood lifting. Props to them for following up on the first chapter with an awesome force of astral boogie.” – Doom Gazed

“Mixing elements of stoner, doom, psychedelic rock, and metal these guys have brought forth unto the metal masses nothing short of an underground classic that is sure to keep heads banging for years to come.” – The Metal Archives

Here’s a monstrous new video:

And a head-banging one from last year:

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