Olivia Frances, Oshwa, Jess Chizuk

August 23, 2017 8:00 PM - August 24, 2017 12:00 AM

Wednesday, August 23, 8pm, $5

From Portland, Maine

Olivia Frances www.facebook.com/OliviaFrancesMusic https://oliviafrancesmusic.com

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From Brooklyn

Oshwa www.facebook.com/oshwasounds www.oshwasounds.net https://oshwa.bandcamp.com


Jess Chizuk www.facebook.com/JessChizuk https://jesschizukmusic.com https://jesschizuk.bandcamp.com

Cincinnati native and environmentalist, Olivia Frances is a singer-songwriter and musician with a sunny disposition. Wisdom shines through her pop-folk musical creations, which is obvious to listeners on her latest album, Evergreen, which serves as a follow-up to her 2013 debut album Back To Happiness. 

Evergreen is a product of Olivia’s gap year she spent in Nashville, TN. Her time in the Music City enabled her to focus on her distinctive blend of catchy-boppy melodies and the storytelling aspect of country music. She has graced the stages of some of Nashville’s most popular songwriter venues including the iconic Bluebird Café and the notable Commodore Grille. Since then, Olivia has moved to New England to attend college and expand her fanbase.

A student at Clark University in Worcester, MA, Olivia is majoring in global environmental studies and minoring in music with a concentration in jazz guitar. The combination of music and nature can be seen in her songs too, such as, “Season’s Grow On” and “Sunset Saturday Night.” Olivia remains dedicated to her craft and hones her skills with disciplined daily practice and regular live shows. Olivia draws her musical inspiration from artists such as Jack Johnson, Bon Iver, and Kacey Musgraves.

Although Olivia did not grow up with musical parents, she credits her mother and father for shaping her into the hard working and inquisitive young woman she is today. She began playing piano at age six and at age twelve she developed a passion for guitar and songwriting. By the time she was in the 8th grade Olivia was taking vocal lessons at the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music.

One of Olivia’s favorite parts of being a musician is performing. Recently placing second in the Kittery Talent Show, audience members praised her for her bubbly stage presence. In 2016 alone, Olivia played 50+ shows. She’s coordinated multiple tours through Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, and New York. She also performs live at festivals and events all over the US from the Asian Food Festival in Cincinnati to ArtWeek in Boston. 

Olivia is a Bedell artist and is a member of Broadcast Music Inc (BMI), GoGirlsMusic, the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). Lately, Olivia has been working on new material, co-writing with other songwriters from around the world, and honing her sound. Olivia currently resides in Portland, ME for the summer, loving her interning at REVERB during the day and playing out regularly at night.

The infectious positive energy Olivia and her music evoke is celebrated by her growing fan club or “Frances Friends.” She is set to release a new single this August 2017.

“Olivia is a true singer-songwriter who possesses the ability to not only write creative lyrics, but also contagious melodies to accompany her songs. She is an artist well beyond her years. It was a pleasure to hear her sing and play her music in our studio. We look forward to having her return for a future interview and performance.” –Jason Sample, WRFA Radio


“Olivia Frances sparkles with enthusiasm onstage, and her songs live up to her personality – fun, catchy, and rich with detail.” –Dave Isaacs, Nashville Guitar Guru

“She captured the audience with her melodic voice. When she was on stage, everyone was very attentive…The audience seemed to be enamored and that let me know that she is truly talented.” 

-Charlene Bryant, The Underground

“Great Blue”- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR2_x8CK-os

“Away from Everything” (Live at Rohs acoustic session)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np6rxixSzt0

The “finely controlled art-pop explosion” (Wired Magazine) of Brooklyn-based Alicia Walter. Since releasing their critically acclaimed (Chicago Magazine, Chicago Reader, AV Club, WXRT, Musical Mathematics, and more) debut LP, Chamomile Crush, via Naked Ally Records in August 2013, Oshwa has put out their digital Tigers EP and released their sophomore album in 2016, I We You Me, a collection of studied and ambitious pop songs that place just as much emphasis on composition as they do on visceral emotion. “Big Screens” is a highlight from it, a show-stopping number built around keys and terse strings that take place after you’ve realized a meaningful relationship has run its course. The songs on I We You Me provide ample evidence of Walter’s time spent studying piano performance at Illinois Wesleyan University and music composition at Columbia College Chicago. The pop art band is on the rise, with recently releasing a new single “Off You go” in July and a new music video for the single, “Off You Go” while embarking on a nation-wide tour.

“(I We You Me) is a finely controlled art-pop explosion: Over the course of just nine tracks, I We You Me moves from spry, sparkling dance-floor confessionals (“Ultraflourescent”) to sailing orchestral ballads (“Stay”) to smoove-lover R&B (“Why Are We Tonight”). Normally, a record this stylistically insatiable would fall apart after just a few songs, but Me is ballasted by Walter’s near-cosmic voice, which booms and bends gorgeously, and unexpectedly, throughout.” –Wired Magazine


“Oshwa’s new album, I We You Me, is complex, heady alt-pop, full of careful string arrangements and moments of math-rock complexity. It’s also undeniably fun, with singalong pop choruses and catchy riffs.” –Bandcamp Daily

“Ultrafluorescent”- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyMsy-KzTgE

“Off You Go”- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb77fyl4_Xc

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