Screaming Females, Radiator Hospital, Tina Panic Noise

Critically acclaimed trio from New Brunswick, New Jersey

March 13, 2018 7:00 PM - March 14, 2018 12:00 AM Critically acclaimed trio from New Brunswick, New Jersey

Tuesday, March 13, 7pm doors/8pm show, $15 advance/$17 day of show

Critically acclaimed trio from New Brunswick, New Jersey
Screaming Females
From Grand Rapids, Michigan
Radiator Hospital
Tina Panic Noise

Formed in New Brunswick, NJ in 2005, Screaming Females are Marissa Paternoster (guitar, vox), Mike Abbate (bass), and Jarrett Dougherty (drums). Over six albums and more than a decade of music making, the band has remained deeply individual and steadfastly DIY. They have also grown into one of the most dynamic and devastating touring bands going today.

Just out on February 23rd, All At Once, is the trio’s most expansive and imaginative work to date — a double LP that swings between surreal miniatures and and solo-heavy sprawl. Concision takes a backseat to experimentation, with arrangements meant to evoke the energy and spontaneity of their live shows. Its music built across a timeline that’s longer than our internet-enhanced moment typically tolerates and a testament to the band’s dedication and perseverance.

“All At Once congeals beautifully; in the era of the single, this is a real album, touching on themes of autonomy and control both in a personal and a wider political context.” – The Onion A.V. Club

“There’s an artful use of simplicity here to the extent that these songs don’t sound simple at all- they are massive, moving, and multifaceted- but never are they bland. Rather, instead of punching note after note down our ears, Screaming Females make every pluck, every single thwap, single second, do something to advance the album. When every single element counts, the whole thing feels that much more important.” –

“On All at Once, Screaming Females possess an undiluted vision and seem to execute it flawlessly–and most significantly, without peer.” – Exclaim!

“For Paternoster, whose chops are already near-legendary, it’s no big deal to chase a power-pop confection like “Chamber for Sleep (Part One)” with a solo ripped from Tom Verlaine’s playbook, then drop a twin-guitar flourish in “Part Two.” Once upon a time, it might’ve been for the thrill. Now, it’s in service to the song.” – Pitchfork

“After ten years and six albums with Screaming Females, Marissa Paternoster has found her voice. Not that it was exactly missing in the New Brunswick basement punks’ earlier work — witness the powerfully delivered “I Don’t Mind It,” from 2010’s Castle Talk. But now the firmly DIY Don Giovanni headliners (whose ranks also include bassist Michael Abbate and drummer Jarrett Dougherty) have unleashed Rose Mountain, and the trio’s musical evolution is impossible to miss even in its gradual subtlety. This latest effort shift boils down to two key foci: bolder, less guarded lyrical choices (much of the record deals with Paternoster’s ongoing battle with chronic mono) and more strategic space for the frontwoman’s legendary guitar solos.” – Spin

(In 2012 Marissa Paternoster was named the 77th greatest guitarist of all time by Spin magazine.)

“Let’s quickly get one thing out of the way: Screaming Females are one of the best and most consistent American rock bands of the past decade. Over the course of six full-length albums, the power trio has crawled out of the New Brunswick, New Jersey basement scene and on to stages with the likes of Dinosaur Jr. and Arctic Monkeys. Their melodic and muscular rock and roll is reminiscent of the warm and fuzzy ’90s when Elastica and Jawbreaker still roamed the Earth. But the Screaming Females aren’t a throwback—they’re working through decades of punk and classic rock to make their own racket. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they have a not-so-secret weapon of Marissa Paternoster making the term “guitar hero” a thing again in the aughts.” – Paste

Here’s a couple of videos from the new album:
Here’s one from the last album:
And a couple of earlier ones:
And covering Taylor Swift for the Onion’s A.V. Club:

Radiator Hospital is an American indie rock band. Whilst songwriter Sam Cook-Parrott is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, they are now based in Philadelphia.

After Sam Cook-Parrott’s high school band ended, he started recording solo material with a four-track tape recorder. After further solo bedroom recordings, the project became a full band. Radiator Hospital released their first full-length album in 2010 titled My Most Imaginary Friend. He named the project after an auto body shop in Grand Rapids.

Radiator Hospital’s recorded output often features collaborations with other vocalists, such as Allison and Katie Crutchfield, Maryn Jones, and Elaiza Santos. Likewise Cook-Parrott has contributed to recordings by Waxahatchee, Japanese Breakfast and Allison Crutchfield.

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