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At Mohawk Place, our quest is to connect our community with enjoyable live music performances, by providing a stage and audience to Western New York and the nation's most talented and forward-thinking artists. We work hard to ensure the success of all our events, and to build long-lasting relationships with our performers and customers.  Our passion for live music bleeds into Buffalo's music scene. We are proud to provide the city with authentic, high-quality live musical experiences. Mohawk Place is a leading live music venue that attracts a diverse audience.

Our History

Buffalo’s Mohawk Place has been a staple of the city’s music scene since 1990. Pete Perrone founded the bar, acting as a godfather to scores of hungry young bands. Occupying the bottom floor of a building built in 1896, the location housed and fed vaudeville performers for several decades before becoming a nightclub. After briefly closing its doors in January 2013, and breaking the hearts of local concert goers, Buffalo’s Mohawk Place has been brought back to life without losing a bit of its trend-setting charm.

New owner Richard Platt reopened the historic music venue one year, seven months, and 30 days later, with some important modifications. He repaired the bar, the floors, the roof and plumbing, replacing fixtures, sound and light systems, and doing most of the work himself with a small crew. He’s taken care of technical issues while retaining the same "shot and a beer" dive bar warmth. Along with keeping the hip, old-school vibes, Platt wisely brought back Mohawk Place’s former booking agent, Marty Boratin.

Boratin built the bar's reputation with his eye for booking talent. He turned a gritty dive bar into a place where playing meant something across circles in rockabilly, blues and Americana. Today, the club stands as a right of passage for many veteran and new artists. Putting his heart and soul into each show for over 20 years, he has brought some of the most well known, up-and-coming national acts from around the world to Buffalo. One can judge a concert venue through its longevity. Marty is one of the main reasons that the floors have been packed with loyal supporters since the early 90’s.
With Platt, Boratin, some of the best sound guys in the business, and a loyal and devoted staff, Buffalo’s Mohawk Place is back as Western New York’s number one concert venue and trend defying club for years to come.
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“There’s nothing better than live music. It’s raw energy, and raw energy feeds the soul.” Dhani Jones (Professional Football Player)

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At Mohawk Place, we strive to provide enjoyable live music events for local music fans. Our highly-trained and dedicated staff makes that happen. 


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