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Mohawk Place is a venue in Downtown Buffalo, New York that specializes in live, local music shows. If you are an artist that wants to play at Mohawk Place, contact us today for booking information. 

Typically, our schedule is booked eleven months out, so plan ahead!

Fill out our simple form below, and get more information today.

Please include the following information:

1. A brief biography of the act, and permanent weblinks to your group's music. (Websites, Facebook, Bandcamp, etc.)

2. The dates you’re either available to play in Buffalo, or proposing for the event. As a reminder, we are usually booking around 11 months in advance.

3. Your contact information (phone and email).

Our Sound Specs are listed here. Please advance your specific requirements, rather than assuming you can use anything you see below.

If you are curious about set times, generally, the first band starts 45 minutes to one hour after doors open, with each successive band 45 minutes to one hour after that.  So, for example, if there are three bands playing and doors are at 8, the first band starts at 8:45-9, the second starts at 9:45-10:00, and the last band starts at 10:45-11:00.  Remember, this is just a rule of thumb. The number of acts and set times will make this vary, too. Our venue is general admission, so arrive early to be sure and get a good spot!

Typically, Mohawk Place is only open prior to and during the events that are listed on our calendar. 

We’re pleased to provide our venue for a wide variety of special events. Keep in mind our core mission of live, local music, because the venue is generally not available for weddings or private events.

Please Note

External Food - Event hosts are welcome to bring in any food or snacks for their events. However, no outside beverages are allowed.

To make your next event unforgettable by hosting it at Mohawk Place, please complete the application and submit a booking request, and we will contact you shortly.

We look forward to making your next event memorable.

Interested in Booking a Show at Mohawk Place?

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