Breakfast For Dinner, Oscar's Cash, Glass Image, Jkuch (Rescheduled from Nov 19) - Buffalo Mohawk Place, Live Music Venue, Band Live event

Breakfast For Dinner, Oscar’s Cash, Glass Image, Jkuch (Rescheduled from Nov 19)

Friday, February 17, 7pm doors/8pm show, $12 advance/$15 day of show **

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Breakfast For Dinner, Oscar’s Cash, Glass Image, Jkuch (Rescheduled from Nov 19)


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Unless otherwise specified, most concerts have a set time that doors open (usually 7pm) with the music beginning one hour later (usually 8pm). Bands typically perform a 35–45-minute set, and ideally take only 15 minutes to switch acts. Therefore, a four-band night will have acts beginning their sets at the top of the hour (8, 9, 10, and 11) and the show will wrap up around midnight.

In practice, schedules slip all the time. Musicians, like other Artists, can be temperamental. We always strive to keep schedules tight. Managing musicians has been compared to herding cats. We beg for understanding when you attend shows and the break between acts seems too long. You can express any displeasure to the promoters at the door, or you can just have another drink and enjoy time with your friends. We hope you enjoy every event you attend at Mohawk Place. Please speak to a bartender or security staff if anyone is harassing you or threatening harm to you or anyone else. We will take immediate action.


Promotes will arrange for the night’s musical lineup, decide on set times and load in times, manage the door and pay the bands. Bands should follow all instructions from their promoter, bartenders and security personnel, and the sound technician mixing their performance. That is the best way to have a successful show.

When your time comes to set up, QUICKLY get your gear on stage and ready to perform, and direct your attention to the sound tech so he can get levels on each channel, instrument and microphone. He will start with the drums, then bass, guitars, keys or horns, and vocals. Please make sure that your group has gotten their drinks, visited the bathroom, had their cigarette, kissed their lover and are ready to set up AND PLAY when their time slot begins. Delaying your start time will NOT get you more time at the end of your set.

When you’ve completed your set, QUICKLY tear down your gear and exit the stage. Any “encore” you play MUST be done DURING your set times. Bands should NEVER selfishly extend their sets by playing over their stop time. Sound techs WILL cut off microphones or turn out lights if necessary. Please be considerate of your fellow performers.


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Feb 17 2023


8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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