7.25      Thunderchief, Fane, Coma Ghost

7.27      Haunted Summer

7.28      Cheap Peach, Tetchy (NYC), Starjuice

7.31      Eighteen Visions, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Wristmeetrazor, Chamber

8.2        96 Bitter Beings

8.3        Mike Younger & the Tennessee Treehuggers, Penny Jo Pullus,

Kay and the Miracle Cure, Shoot Ya

8.7        The Stolen, Range Life, Anchor, & Wasted Reject

8.8        Eli Lev

8.11      Flatfoot 56

8.13      Rage Fest 2022: Mortal Decay, Malignancy, Kurnugia, Crusadist, Begat The Nephilim,

Sauron, Sastruga, Alien Autopsy, Rebel Scum, Skrotum

8.14      The Toasters, Mephiskapheles, The Abruptors, Dead Lounge

8.17      Sincere Engineer (Solo)/Covey (Solo)

8.19      Jupiter Trolley, RAM!, Nerds In Denial, Orange Dog Club

8.20      Chimes of Bayonets *

8.26      Famous Last Words, Across The White Water Tower, Dark Divine, Once Upon A Flatline,

Misery Falls

8.31      Johnny Lawhorn and the Pentagram String Band, Twenty Thousand Strongmen

9.2        Governess, Pure Heel, KQHYT KQHYT, Candy Cavity

9.3        Governess, The Cheats, Tiger Sex, Ghost Town Outlaw, Soul Butchers  

9.6        D.R.I.

9.9        LEGS. The Band, Melody on Heart, Ricky Spanish, Shambles *

9.17      Husbands, Jaguar Sun

9.26      Authority Zero, Working Class Stiffs, On the Cinder

9.30      The Isolators, The Fox Sisters

10.3      Full of Hell, Blood Incantation, Vermin Womb, Mortuous, God Is War

10.18    Moving Targets, Starjuice, Garfrankel, Stress Dolls

11.10    The Mahones



Jul 25 2022


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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