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3.6        The Heisey Glass Company, RAM!, Shambles

3.7        The Tossers, Working Class Stiffs

3.9        Stephen Clair, Stephen Babcock

3.10      Patient Basement, Amateur Hockey Club,  Face First, tuesday nite

3.11      Glazed, Ashford, Oh, Summer Days!, Amphobia, relentless moisture

3.11      POSTPONED: 77 Stone

3.14      Richard Lloyd, Perilous, Thee Isolators

3.15      Soraia, The Idiot Kids, Starjuice

3.16      Bury Your Dead “You Had Me at Hello” 20 year anniversary show:

Great American Ghost, Edict, Bungler, Allegiant, DIshonored, Gretta Moire

3.17      The Glam Vamps

3.18      Wasted Space, A Greater Danger, Pale Hell, Assault on 5th *

3.19      Bit Brigade

3.23      Riley, Johnny & the Man Kids, Ashford, Autoignition *

3.24      Sheltered By Skies (reunion), Bungler, Dishonored, Queen Guillotined,

Beep Beep Lettuce

3.25      On the Cinder: 10 Year Anniversary Show, with Starjuice, Do It With Malice  

3.26      eXTC: XTC’s Terry Chambers & friends

3.28      Drug Church + Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Anxious, Webbed Wing

3.31      Florence Dore Band (featuring 2 members of the dBs, and Mark Spencer of Son Volt)

4.1        Greg Sterlace Birthday Show: Amazing All My Children Band, Bad Ronald, Painkillers,

Station Wagon, Sewer 76, Charlie Manson’s Good Time Gospel Hour

4.8        Evil Easter Eve – Benefit for Autism Services Inc of WNY: Anthropic, Gates of Paradox,

Goblin Hovel, Nihilist Deathcult *

4.14      Self Reflected, Orange Grove Ave.

4.15      Castle Black, Starjuice, Goodbye Metro, Spud  

4.17      William Elliott Whitmore

4.18      Canceled: Elita **

4.21      Trauma Cat, At The Helm, The Waves, The Feast, The Moon Owls, The Falconeers

4.26      The Slackers, The Abruptors

4.27      The Chelsea Curve, Perilous

4.28      Phoneboy

4.29      Emo Night

5.3        Elder, Ruby The Hatchet, Howling Giant

5.6        Fundraiser for Compass House: Kaiser Sozie, Velvet Bethany, Trainwreck, Starjuice, 

Tsunami Tsurprise, Cardboard Homestead, Of Night And Light, 

BastardBastardBastard, Condition Oakland, The Heathens *

5.13      Jesse & The Hogg Brothers, Shoot Ya

5.18      Bobcat, Lower Town Trio, Matty B and The Dirty Pickles, Broke Boland *

5.19      Angie Haze, Karma Queen

6.13      Liturgy, Big Brave *

6.30      The Glam Vamps *

7.1        Chris Rattie & the New Rebels *


Mar 06 2023
Buffalo's Mohawk Place


Buffalo's Mohawk Place
47 E Mohawk St., Buffalo, NY 14203
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