Jerm Boor, Christina Custode, Ian McCuen

Wednesday, August 21, 7pm doors/8pm show, $5

Witty fingerstyle guitar singer-songwriter from Colorado Springs

Jerm Boor

Christina Custode

Ian McCuen


Jeremy Boor is a musician. He plays the acoustic guitar (and sometimes other things) “like a laser cuttlefish.” (Brian Brock, “Furnace in the Hayloft”) He also sings, like the algaed coat of a stone well dug by blind ritual acrobats before the invention of hand-tools. He also writes words which, in clinical studies, have shown a persistent correlation with hysterical laughter, involuntary weeping, and salubrious befuddlement.


He can balance almost any object on his chin, as long as it is taller than a breadbox, inanimate, and weighs less than he does. He sometimes makes balloon animals in his sleep. Boor’s main influences include fourth-century Egyptian and Syriac hagiography, kale, John Prine, noisy washing machines, Leo Kottke, Herman Melville, the Slavonic Psalter, John Fahey, and Soviet-era Russian animated cartoons.


What caught my ear, I think, was the way the guy who identifies himself as Jerm Boor spoke his songs rather than sang them. And the way he strung them out into wordy story monologues. Houston doesn’t have too many wordy sorts…Boor is indeed operating in that Bob Dylan/Lou Reed/whoever-that-guy-from-Pavement-is continuum of deadpan narrators with built-in irony dripping from every clipped syllable.” – Houston Press


Here’s a few video clips:

Way too clever on this one:


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Aug 21 2019


8:00 PM


Mohawk Place
47 E Mohawk St, Buffalo, NY 14203
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