Perilous, The Enemies, Tony Rocky Horror

Friday, June 24, 7pm doors/8pm show, $10 **

Perilous, The Enemies, Tony Rocky Horror



The Enemies

Tony Rocky Horror


Today’s over-produced synth-laden music assaulting your ears feels so impersonal, since each song involves more producers than a Wall Street law firm. There was a time when assaulting your ears was a good thing and the best news is, that Energy is back! Perilous is a 4-piece unit that remembers the raw power of Iggy, The Ramones , Wanda Jackson, The NY Dolls and The Buzzcocks. They all found their collective punk rock, power pop spirit shining within each other, coming together from all across New York State.


Perilous exists to remind you that Rock & Roll was built on a singer, guitar, bass, and drums. On “Rock & Roll Kiss”, Pauline (Pauline and The Perils, The Rain, The Scooters) sings with a passion and Energy that calls up her sisters and brothers (Ronnie Spector, Wanda Jackson, The Zombies); Bob Cat (SFB, Bob Cat and The 9 Lives, Hurtin’ Units) clearly channels both Johnnys; Thunders & Ramone (of course), with punk rock attitude-Chuck Berry guitar. Rock Hard bass player Renee, (Screaming Meemies) keeps the low end groove on the solid; Paul (The Trend) pounding the 1-2-3-4 skins, honoring his legendary central NY punk rock roots, brings it all together in tight formation that conjures the scent of well-worn leather!


Perilous packs an undeniable punch and brings some snap and fresh Energy to get you moving and plenty sweaty! Buckle up, rev your engines and get ready for the powerful punch of Perilous. No law firms need apply!



“Loud. Fast. Fun.

Sometimes you just gotta have it. The kind of music that lifts you off of your Chuck Taylors. The kind of sound that makes you press that car’s accelerator just a bit harder.

Loud, fast Rock n Roll, old school punk. Guitars like buzz saws behind sing along vocals with just a little bit of attitude. You need it like you need air and Upstate New York’s newest true believers, the all-star band Perilous know what you need and their debut single “Rock & Roll Kiss” delivers.

You may have already heard the song. It’s in regular rotation on legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer’s show on SiriusXM’s Underground Garage.

Produced by Jell Moleski at the world famous Moletrax Studio in Syracuse, “Rock & Roll Kiss” starts off with a ringing guitar riff from Bob Cat (1.4.5., S.F. and handclaps that immediately let you know that you’re in for a 3 chord blast off. Sexy girl group gone delinquent vocals by Buffalo’s Pauline Digati-Tripodi (Pauline & The Perils) will put you in mind of The Runaways or Transvision Vamp with a definite lookback to Ellie Greenwich attitude. Think “Leader of the Pack” meets “Cherry Bomb” and you’ll be on the right track. The rhythm section is held up by Cortland’s Renee Rettie and Syracuse’s Paul Doherty (The Trend).

A song so full of fun and attitude it makes for a great roll down the windows and turn the stereo up car song and you know that is always the hallmark of great Rock n Roll. It’s one for your summer playlist.

Perilous will be releasing their debut EP soon and there may also be some shows both here locally and in Buffalo to look forward to.

Loud. Fast. Fun. Perilous checks all the boxes.” – John Tierney



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Jun 24 2022


7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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