The Lopez, Swampwalk, Tina Panic Noise, Major Arcana

Next door at Electric Avenue: 

Sunday, July 15, 8pm, $5

Snot rock, noise pop from the Steel City

The Lopez

Also from Pittsburgh


Tina Panic Noise

Major Arcana


The Lopez is a snotty synth pop duo straight out the steel city of Pittsburgh, PA. They make a surprising amount of noise considering the size of their group. You can find them rocking out all over the states these days. You may have seen them in various basement venues around Buffalo the past few years. Their interests include pizza and cats—lots and lots of cats.





Anna Hale (aka Swampwalk) is a soul-searching singer-songwriter born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Grungy guitar over gameboy basslines and beats topped with lyrics about life’s toils and beauties. Might haunt you, might inspire you, might get stuck in yr head. Hale started their music career in 2009 writing songs and playing violin for an all-grrl band called Critter. Her song and love for manatees remains to this day. Post-Critter, Hale started a two-piece bedroom-pop folk duo called Nothing Special, which would eventually get plugged in and transform into the solo project Swampwalk. With the release of the first Swampwalk album Sweatin’ Out the Small Stuff, Hale shed her acoustic skin, picked up an electric guitar, a gameboy, and started experimenting with vocal effects and sequencing. After sweating out the small stuff, and being called sweet and cute one too many times, Swampwalk took to the task of sweating out some bigger stuff with the politically charged, loop-based album Us vs. Them. Beyond being a songstress and composer of heartfelt melodies, Swampwalk has helped score stage and film productions, accompanied other artists in studio and on stage, and even played beats for hip-hop ciphers. This multi-instrumentalist, genre-hopping explorer will make you turn your head, and always keep you guessing.


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Jul 15 2018


8:00 PM - 11:00 PM




Electric Aveune
300 Ellicott St, Buffalo, NY 14203
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